German , Alexie Navalny ,Soviet-era nerve
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German Said Alexei Navalny Is Poisoned With Soviet-Era Nerve

Russian popular political opposition Alexei Navalny is poisoned with a variety of Novichok, a soviet nerve agent, as per the test of German military laboratory. A German government official spokesperson said that the verification is “without a doubt”.

Navalny “is the victim of the crime that intended to silence him,” Chancellor Angela Merkel said during an interview with Paparazzi”s  on Wednesday about the findings. The crime she said was an “attempted murder”.

The Novichok group of agents is ” developed in a secret of the Russian government laboratory ” as NPR Geoff Brumfiel has reported. the chemicals that were developed last year were hard to detect and lethal too.

German , Alexie Navalny ,Soviet-era nerve

Alexei Navalny : About The Incident

Navalny,44, is one Russian Government Vladimir Putin’s critics and well of official over the instances of corruption and the abuse. He fell ill during a business flight Moscow from the Siberian City of Tomsk on Aug 20, 2020. 48 hours later, the activist and politician are taken from Siberia to Charlie Hospital in Berlin.

Navalny remains in Coma but the doctors said there is nothing to worry about. When he is treated in Siberia, doctors said that there were no traces of poison in his blood. That happened because of sugar imbalance.

Russian officials called for caution in discussing what has happened to Navalny condition. “Premature and unsubstantiated accusations ” about the existence of poison in the body.

Now that Germany has given confirmation it has identified the poison. Peskovo said Russia is ready for a transparency exchange of information about that case. Peskov also said that the Kremlin cannot fully give answers to all the new allegations until the german share their data.

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German , Alexie Navalny ,Soviet-era nerve
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