Four More Shots Please Season 3

Four More Shots Please Season 3: Scheduled Release Date And Renewal Status!


When it was released in 2019, ‘Four More Shots Please!’ struck a chord with moviegoers because of its unorthodox plot, which follows four imperfect but unapologetically urban women as they embark on a journey of self-discovery while simultaneously attempting to reinvent their jobs and love lives. 

On the contrary, reviewers panned the women-centric drama, describing it as an obvious rip-off of ‘Sex and the City,’ driven by a forced “woke and feminist” major theme.

Despite its shortcomings, the sitcom established India’s first successful women-led streaming franchise. Season 2 premiered in April 2020, and fans have wondered if a third season of ‘Four More Shots Please!’ would ever be completed. Let us find out!

Four More Shots Please Season 3 Release Date

Season 2 of ‘Four More Shots Please!’ launched on Prime Video in its entirety on April 17, 2020. It is divided into 10 30-minute segments.

Season 2’s conclusion sets the groundwork for a possible third season. Despite its limitations, the program has earned a slot on the guilty pleasure binge-watch list. 

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When combined with the program’s ever-increasing popularity among the general public, the show is almost certain to be renewed for a third season. If and when that occurs, ‘Four More Shots Please!’ season 3 is scheduled to premiere on Prime Video in 2022.

Four More Shots Please Season 3 Plot

In season 2, Umang explores her newfound freedom from coming out to the public and chooses to take her relationship with Samara, a supermodel, to the next level. 

Damini, still reeling from the collapse of her website, turns her focus to writing a murder mystery centered on a judge. Anjana alternates between reuniting with her ex-husband, missing her immature lover and having sexual relations with another woman’s spouse. 

After almost committing suicide, Siddhi decides to pursue a comedy career to break free from her mother’s control and achieve financial independence.

Samara wants Umang to follow her to Los Angeles for 18 months while the former secures a big superhero film contract. Umang cancels their wedding, fearful of losing her freedom, self-esteem, work, and friends. 

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Additionally, Siddhi is confronted with an earth-shattering catastrophe when she receives a call from her mother informing her that her father has died of cardiac arrest.

Season 3 may take up immediately after the conclusion of season 2. Returning to square one, the four SoBo ladies may pursue their separate occupations while simultaneously attempting to find love. 

Siddhi may become more responsible after her father’s abrupt death, while Umang may be reeling from her recent split. The third season may provide information on the characters’ interpersonal interactions, which have evolved significantly since the first installment.

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