Former Coach Mike Holmgren Of NFL And Slams Donald Trump
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Former Coach Mike Holmgren Of NFL And Slams Donald Trump Pandemic Response, Gives Full Support To Biden

Mike Holmgren said that he had never been publicly involve himself in the Politics. But the former people of Coach Green Bay said that on Saturday that President Trump failed to handled the Pandemic. Leaving Lam beau Field  without the Fans for the team opener and Business struggling to afloat.

“The people own the Football team and yet the stadium’s going to be empty,”Holmgren said in an interview with the Bay Press- Gazette. “i didn’t have to be this bad, i didn’t think of that.” Holmgren, who resides in the Seattle area, spoke during a the virtual news conference held on Saturday from the Former Vice president Joe Biden.

Former Coach Mike Holmgren Of NFL And Slams Donald Trump

Both of them says that Trump took a non trustful. And not at all a organized approach to managing the virus that has killed over 190,000 people in USA. Joe Biden argued that he has more effective plan to curb these disease’s spread. And reopen the economies hurting from the closure of the business.

“Make decisions based on how you believe on what you believe has happened” few people from NFL stadium across the country. Holmgren says of the upcoming November election ” what has happened . how truthful it has been, how have our leaders have done during this pandemic time.

Holmgern coached the packers from 1992 to 1998 lead the team to super bowl victory  against the new England Patriots in the season of 1996. The coach from Seattle Sea hawks is induced to a packers hall of fame in 2012. Trump said in an interview in July  with USA Today and told him that “dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t.”

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