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Florida Man Killed After Open Firing On The Police

Florida police authorities had confirmed that a suspect had been killed when he started to open fire on the police.

The Suspect

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A Florida man named Michael Harris opened fire on several police officers when they went to arrest him with a warrant.

The suspect was wanted for the shooting of a woman earlier this month.

He started to fire at the police first, which gave them no choice but to fire back, but the law felt it was regrettable to take a life like that.

Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri said one of the officers got shot in the chest, but luckily he was wearing a bulletproof vest and will be soon recovered.

Another officer tripped and injured his head while running away from the shooting.

He further said,

“The suspected fired at officers first, and we defended ourselves. And I can tell you if you pull a gun on a police officer to shoot a police officer, you are going to get killed. As simple as that.” 

The Incident

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The bodycam wore by the police officer shows him in front of the suspect’s house and a woman opening the door and someone lurking behind.

When the officer told him to show his hands, he, unfortunately, got shot and momentarily lost his balance but continued shooting.

After some minutes, when he got up and went into the bedroom, he saw the suspect lying dead.

The shootout is being investigated.




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