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Final Fantasy 14 Release Date, Plot, Trailer & Latest News

Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy XIV is a largely multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) produced and advertised by Square Enix. “Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker” ensures to bring players to new areas, include new playstyle choices, and join up some loose edges. 

Whether you have crossed Hydaelyn as Version 2.0 released in 2014 or have recently begun to reveal all the world has to give, it’s common to question what turns and challenges the coming in development will introduce. 

Here is the critical news Square Enix has shared regarding “Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker” up to this time.

Final Fantasy 14 Release Date

Endwalker, the upcoming Final Fantasy 14 development, will be debuted on November 23, 2021. On November 19, those who pre-order the extension will play four days earlier. 

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 14 MMORP’s upcoming notable extension has been formally declared. Endwalker will have two different groups: a DPS Reaper and a healer Sage, enhancing a unique plotline.

At the Digital Final Fantasy 14 Followers event, the latter was announced. Endwalker’s premiere date is considerably later than early Final Fantasy 14 extensions, traditionally advertised amid late summertime. 

On the other side, the developers have indicated a loss of content and problems with the COVID-19 due to the postponed debut.

Final Fantasy 14 Trailer

Square Enix has revealed two trailers for Final Fantasy 14: the full trailer and a short teaser video.

You can watch the full 6-minute trailer here:

You can watch the short teaser video here:


Final Fantasy 14 Gameplay

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG and highlights a tenacious world where players can communicate with each other and the atmosphere. Players build and transform their roles for performance in the game, involving name, event, gender, face characteristics, and opening class. 

Unlike in the new release, players may just choose to be a Disciple of War or Magic as an opening set; followers of the Hand and Land are originally unavailable.

Players should further choose a game server for casts to exist on. While servers are not mainly described by language, data stations have been installed in the supported areas to enhance the conversation latency among the server and the customer computer. Players are advised to take a server in their region.

Despite server or literature, the game highlights an expanded library of automatically altered game sessions and common idioms, supporting players who speak many languages to talk.

Final Fantasy 14 Plot

The area in which the game is fixed is named Eorzea. Eorzea’s records spin throughout a group of Umbral and Astral Ages. Umbral eras are times of famous tragedy; the initial Umbral Time noted the edge of the time of lords.

The guard gods of Eorzea, called the Twelve, fled from direct engagement with mortals at this period. Umbral Eras are accompanied by times of awareness and social majority named Astral Eras. 

The 3rd Astral Era was especially regarded for leading across the Allagan Empire, an old city whose technology greatly surpasses the level of the present generation. All Umbral and Astral Era combinations compare to one of the 6 fundamental factors: wind, electricity, heat, earth, ice, and water. 

The Sixth Umbral Era was assumed to be the end, and the enlightened events believed the 6th Astral Era would remain permanently. Hence, 5 years earlier, at the beginning of the game, the Garlean Empire catalyzed a show of games that would point to the 7th Umbral Era.

Final Fantasy 14 Story

Based on the Square Enix blog post that followed its news, “Endwalker” will have meaningful implications for the “Final Fantasy 14” story. 

The original main plot questline is slated to cover up the Hydaelyn and Zodiark plotline as the Warriors of Light lead on “what might be their greatest hurdle despite a 2nd appearance of the Final Days.” 

The actual website elaborates on this, showing that the list of new warnings will involve symbols like and Magus Sisters and Anima.

“Endwalker” displays over many never-before-viewed areas, such as the towns of Radz-at-Han and Old Sharlayan. New fields such as Thavnair and Garlemald will also show a unique domestic region, Ishgard. 

As the development points to fix threads from during the MMORPG’s record, the plot highlights the growth of many casts. Alphinaud, for example, has moved to the Sage group, while Zenos sports the currently invented Reaper project.

Final Words

It is all about Final Fantasy 14 that you should know. I hope you like this post. If you have any questions, then post them in the comments section. We are always there for you. Now, it’s time to end the post. Please stay connected with us for further updates!

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