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Fb Adds Options To Delete Political Ads, Promises To Curb Misinformation

Facebook, the social media corporation, has stepped up to make sure it plays a vital role in the forthcoming elections. The 2020 US Presidential election has started to send preparatory vibes across the nation. For now, the nominees for the same are current president Mr Donald Trump and former Vice President Mr Joe Biden. The latter recently cleared 1, 991 candidate threshold to become a nominee.

Old Mistakes

Facebook faced a major backlash from the userbase in the previous elections. Moreover,  a prominent issue that popped up was of an internal scuffle. The fracas was caused because the corporation deiced not to take down a post by Donald Trump. The employes believed it could incite violence and therefore owns a responsibility. Also, the corporation faced allegations of breach of trust for data privacy.

Consequently, Mark Zuckerberg put out a statement saying it has policies against text inciting violence. But, it also owes a responsibility to give horizon to freedom of content. Free expression is a part of the democratic system, and Facebook is just allowing the candidates to speak in order to let the voter know.

The Changes

Facebook has promised the biggest voter awareness effort in the history of the US. Learning from experiences, it promises affirmative changes. So, aims to enlarge the voter involvement by helping them register to vote. This will be done through the help of a brand new voter information centre.

Giving concrete and authoritative information will serve as a line of defence, Naomi Gleit, Facebook’s Vice President believes. Any interference by networks trying to interfere with the fair and clear process stays the priority of the giant corporation. Misinformation fuels uncertainty among people regarding anything related to elections and candidates says the Vice President.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

The most celebrated initiative remains giving an option to turn off all political ads. Facebook announced its privacy setting in January itself. But since the campaigns are speeding up, it will be introduced immediately. Along with the person who forwarded it, the notification will also show how much money was spent on the same.

The Role Of Social Media Corporation In Elections

Although a tool to express free opinions, social media has the capacity to drive the crowd in the wrong direction. Keeping in mind how heated the political scenario has developed, misinformation could worsen the situation. The long-drawn debates about foreign interferences are something that Facebook has been able to dominate.

Different from real-world campaigns, social media campaigns are easy to infiltrate. Consequently, a shared responsibility between the users and the networking giants arises. This responsibility addresses to maintain not only exercising freedom of expression but also to fairly regulate it for the greater good.

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