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Family Mourns The Death Of A Man Who Was Released Just Two Days Before From Prison

A Bronx man had to say goodbye to his family forever just two days after getting released from the prison.

Shot Dead

Bronx man
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Jose Rivera was killed outside his house, two days after his release from the prison during a welcome home party. His relatives gathered for a memorial on Saturday.

Rivera was arrested for drug charges and spent seven years in prison and was just released this Wednesday.

He was shot eight times. An eyewitness said Rivera was shot many times outside his apartment building around 10 pm.

He was then taken to the hospital and pronounced dead later.

Mourning Family

Bronx man
Source: Google

Rivera’s nephew said that the shooting was intended for him,

“That was intended just for him; There was people standing next to him, behind him, in front of him. There were kids outside. Whoever did it ain’t got no f—ing heart.”

His nephew gave a statement that Rivera was a good man and everyone was waiting for his release, and when he came out, he didn’t do anything but still got shot,

“We were celebrating him being home, man; He was a good dude. Everyone who was outside was outside for him. He ain’t start no trouble, had no argument, and that just happened out of nowhere.”

He also said Rivera was a gangster but wasn’t planning on continuing on that line instead he just wanted to restart his life and make up for the lost time with his family,

“He didn’t even get a shot to turn his life around; He just came home trying to make up for lost times. He ain’t even had enough time to get a job. He got killed right in front of his building.”

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