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Fairytale Season 10 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot

Fairytale Season 10

Fairy Tail is an animation fiction show that is related to a manga of the identical title. Produced by Shinji Ishihira, the series made its première in 2009. From then, it has become an imperative preference between anime enthusiasts. 

The nine-season series displayed its last episode in October 2018. And the enthusiasts are yet questioning whether there would be more to the Fairy Tail events. To their confusion, Shinji has affirmed that the ninth season is considered the show’s finish. 

Hence, a season 10 is the least likely, yet the enthusiasts may anticipate a spinoff or two getting out. Or, if the producer has a transformation of mind, we could also view the resume of Fairytale for a 10th season. Here are all details about Fairytale season 10.

Fairytale Season 10 Release Date

As we discussed above, the producers ended the show with its 9th season. And it isn’t easy to foretell the premiere date of the one that doesn’t still survive. Hence, the producers have premiered a lot of side tales in this franchise. 

Hence it might be reasonable that alternatively of Fairy Tail Season 10, the enthusiasts will mark a new Fairy Tail film or few OVA episodes in the forthcoming years.

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Fairytale Season 10 Cast

Natsu Dragneel

The main male lead of the series, Natsu, is a monster slayer who is recognized as “The Salamander” between the pieces. 


Natsu’s companion, Happy, is from the Exceed family and seems like a kitty. Hence, he can talk, sprout feathers and dive at unbelievable speeds, and take one person when he does so. 

Lucy Heartfilia

A youthful divine mage, Lucy is the main female lead of the series. She begins as an autonomous amateur mage and joins Natsu on her trip. 

Gray Fullbuster

Another part of the Fairy Tail organization, Gray, is a frost mage who can make and form ice in his mind. 

Erza Scarlet

A pretty young lady with lengthy red hair, Erza is a further member of the Fairy Tail organization and is a very mysterious gentleman. 

Wendy Marvell

A monster slayer like Natsu, Wendy is comparatively youthful and has the additional capability to handle air. She is further determined to be a proficient healer, and her prophecy can fix the most difficult damages, also those created by people as strong as monsters.

Fairytale Season 10 Trailer

There are no updates on Fairytale season 10 yet. When we get information from the producers, we will notify you.

Fairytale Season 10 Plot

The anime consumed the entire manga by the conclusion of season 9; there is nothing forgotten to display. So, except the mangaka, Hiro Mashima, chooses to compose more of his Fairy Tail manga show, we have no plan. As an enthusiast, I can sense your anxiety at the end of our beloved anime.

The season highlights Natsu in his experiences of the Fairy Tail society in Earth Land. Natsu begins his affair with his kitty, Happy. He is attempting to discover his adoptive dad, Dragneel. 

Natsu is followed by Lucy and begins a journey. We notice a lot of mystical beings and creatures, witches, and slayers during the show.

Fairy Tail is a famous venture fiction series. Perhaps the production businesses, A-1 Pictures, Bridge, and Cloveworks, will develop something unique. 


It is all about Fairytale season 10 that you should know. If you haven’t watched Fairytale’s previous nine seasons yet, then watch them today. You will fall in love with this series after watching this. Stay tuned with us for more updates!

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