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Remove The Rumors That Extremist Caused Oregon Wildfire - The Tech Education
Butte county firefighters watch as flames tower over their truck at the Bear fire in Oroville, California on September 9, 2020. - Dangerous dry winds whipped up California's record-breaking wildfires and ignited new blazes, as hundreds were evacuated by helicopter and tens of thousands were plunged into darkness by power outages across the western United States. (Photo by JOSH EDELSON / AFP) (Photo by JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images)
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Facebook To Remove The Rumors That Extremist Caused Oregon Wildfire

Some posts on Facebook claim that extremists caused the Oregon wildfire. Facebook plans to remove these posts. It believes that these posts claim false information without any verified or official sources.

Facebook Spokesman Andy Stone’s Tweet

Oregon Wildfires: Facebook Attempts To Remove False Claims About Who Have Started !
Extremists blamed for the wildfire.

After the FBI and the law enforcement claim that the information regarding the spread of a wildfire is false, Facebook spokesman Andy stone took to his Twitter to tell everyone that Facebook will take down such posts.

Andy mentioned in his tweet that these rumors are diverting the resources from fighting the fire and protecting the public. He also noted that such rumors are encouraging local fires. The company’s effort to take down the posts is to reduce the imminent harm that could be caused by false content.

The FBI And Sheriff’s Take On The Information

The Portland, Oregon, division FBI claimed the reports of extremists spreading the wildfire as untrue. The agency said to stop the spread of misinformation can only be done by spreading information from trusted and official sources.

The Sheriff’s Office in Douglas country, Oregon, said that rumors spread like wildfire. The Facebook post of Sheriff’s Office read; there have been requests of the inquiry into the false news. Moreover, the Sheriff’s Office also mentioned that 6 Antifa Members are arrested for setting the wildfires.

Thousands have been evacuated, and hundreds of homes have been burnt due to the wildfires in the South Western region of Oregon.


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