Facebook Finally Lets You See And Delete The Data It Uses To Deliver Targeted Ads


Facebook is to allow users to see the information about themselves Which has Been shared websites and by programs they’ve utilized, if they want, and then delete it.

Much of the advertising found on the internet is shown to consumers based on What they have previously viewed online, with businesses paying for sites like Facebook to use this information to deliver targeted advertisements.

Envision a clothing website wants to show advertisements to people who are Interested in a new fashion of sneakers,” explained Erin Egan, Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer.

They can send Facebook info saying someone on a certain These shoes were looked at by device. If this device information matches someone’s Facebook account, we could display ads about those shoes to this individual.

But Facebook said the Amount of different apps individuals use means that many Find it challenging to keep track of what it’s used for and who’s information on them.

The new”Off-Facebook Activity” tool will allow users to see a Summary of the information sites and apps have sent Facebook about their actions.

This is Very Likely to include the websites and apps that you use frequently, but Facebook cautioned that you might also see some services that you don’t recognise.

For example, a website you did not see could Appear as a buddy Looked it up in your own phone, or since you share a house computer with kids and your spouse.

Users can choose to disconnect this information in their accounts, or Go and disconnect all future off-Facebook activity should they wish – including for certain apps and websites.


If you clean your off-Facebook activity, we’ll remove your identifying Information from the data that programs and sites decide to send us.

We will not know which sites you visited or what you did there and we Will not use some of the data you disconnect to target ads to you on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger.

The action tool will be introduced for users in Ireland, South Korea and Spain, and will continue to roll it out across the world over the forthcoming months.

Facebook confessed the feature”may have some effect on our Business”, but said it considers giving individuals control over their data is more significant.

The Organization’s engineering teams assembled a new and have redesigned its systems Way for them to process information, based on input from advertisers, privacy advocates, policy makers, customers and business groups.

This attribute marks a new level of transparency and control, and we’ll Keep advancing.

Facebook has been the Topic of scrutiny around data use for several years.

It has been criticised for not being transparent enough Of user data and the business uses information it sees and gathers based on User activity.

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