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“F*** The White People” Began After ” Blue Lives Matter”, BLM Protestors Claim Not To Be Aggressors

The BLM protestors claim that they are not aggressors. One of the protestors revealed; the confrontation had sparkled after a few men shouted “Blue Lives Matter”.

The Scenario

The BLM protestors screamed in the face of two white older adults. The two were sitting in an outer diner in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

As soon as the demonstrators entered the outer dining area, a BLM protestor walked in. She picked up a couple’s drink, drank it, and broke the glass before leaving.

However, the BLM protestors claim that they weren’t aggressive. The confrontation had begun after a few demonstrators yelled “Blue Lives Matter” and swung a bike at people.

Two videos about the incident have come out, and the authorities of Pittsburg are investigating both the videos.

Trump’s Take On “F*** White People.”

Donald Trump and Joe Biden
Trump lashes out on Joe Biden for not having things under control.

Trump claims the protesters to be not protestors but “anarchists”. He believes that these are Joe Biden’s voters.

Donald terms the incident as “disgraceful” and says; he has never seen anything like it.

Moreover, he also blames Democrat’s  “weak and pathetic” leadership. He slashes Joe Biden down by saying that he has no control and nothing to say.

Trump also mentioned; “thuggery” like this is happening in other cities and states that are run by Democrats.

The president challenges Biden and Kamla to utter the words “Law and Order”, as he believes that the two won’t even talk about it.

The incident has installed an opportunity for Donald Trump to increase the inclination of votes towards him for the soon forthcoming presidential elections.


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