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Expert Analysis- Here’s How Kellyanne Conway’s Body Language Revealed So Much Of Truths At RNC.

Kellyanne resigned from white house post, Due to Family issues and many other personal reasons. Kellyanne’s name is spreading all over social media. The reports say that she is having hard times in domestic issues. Kellanne’s husband George Conway was escorting Mr. Trump during the day of the Republic National Convention.

Kellyanne’s daughter Claudia is trying her every possible way to show her anti-trump sentiments on social media. Kellyanne has recently taken her resignation from the senior White House advisor due to her own family issues. She took this decision a day before the conduct of RNC.

The people are having so many doubts regarding her decision. Kellyanne’s speech on Republic National Convention made her daughter feel devasted. Claudia tweeted this on her social media by saying how bad she felt after this.

Kellyanne’s Body Language

Conway’s speech was well prepared and scripted but her body language showed many things about her. Mark Bowden who is an expert in reading body language, revealed so much about her appearance.


Mark tried every possible way to look at the movements of Kellyanne and also told what was actually going on with her the day just before when she took her resignation from the White House. Bowden said it was difficult for him to analyze Kellyanne because she has experience in giving speech and also a good presenter.

He also said that she has been in places where there is a lot of pressure and she must have learned something from it. Therefore Kellyanne’s body language revealed only a few Emotions, thoughts, and feelings in her speech. But mark was able to find some subtle signals which he noted during her speech and revealed it to the viewers.

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Mark said he found “descriptor and baton gestures”. He said that she showed denial and affirmation of what she said. He judged this on the basis of the Rhythm of the speech.

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Kellyanne Conway Was Looking A little Defeated From Her Speech

Mark said that Conway usually used gestures while speaking as Trumps’s advisor. But during the Republic National Convention, her hands and arms were down by the sides which revealed that she was feeling less powerful and wasn’t in the mood for physical conversation. He also said that she has mixed feelings during her speech.

Kellyanne has strong eye contact and she doesn’t blink too much which Mark said that it was sign of “relaxed confidence” and said she appears to be less aggressive by judging her on the basis of body language. Mark also said that she was very different from her past speeches. Kellyanne’s body pattern was different when she uses to give her speech at the White House.

He said that she was more like a mouthpiece than her actual herself. Kellyanne’s ended the speech without giving a perfect smile. Mark said that her whole speech was not filled with enjoyment.

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