Executive Chef, Baron’s Cove, Nicholas Vogel Touts Dock-to-Dish Model

Executive Chef, Baron’s Cove, Nicholas Vogel Touts Dock-to-Dish Model

Chef Nicholas Vogel is the newly appointed resort and restaurant’s new executive chef at Baron’s Cove in Sag Harbor.

Baron's Cove Executive Chef Nicholas Vogel Touts Dock-to-Dish Style

Vogel’s recently introduced menus showcase modern American fare, emphasizing dock-to-dish cooking, concentrating on fresh produce, seasonality, and sustainability. He expects to change the seasonally offered dishes at least three or four times a year with regular specials, homemade spaghetti, tasty cakes, and new in-house baked goods.

Vogel said that he thinks the downtime will allow for experimenting and recipe development as he heads into his first fall and winter in Sag Harbor. He also mentions that he cannot wait to share his food with everyone that calls the East End home and highlight Baron’s Cove as a premier restaurant in the Hamptons.

Baron's Cove Executive Chef Nicholas Vogel Touts Dock-to-Dish Style | News  Break

Baron's Cove Executive Chef Nicholas Vogel Touts Dock-to-Dish Style | News  Break

Vogel’s Culinary Background How Those Experiences Prepared Helped Him For The Role Of An Executive Chef Of Baron’s Cove

He said that his culinary experience is very much connected to his past. In this industry, he has grown up. His mother worked in hotels, and as one of his first employers, he even worked at a family-run bar/restaurant. He has done it all from dishwasher to bus tables, catering, waiting tables, bartending, and front of house management.

Most recently, he was the executive chef at Alta Strada in D.C. That was his most recent job with the Schlow Restaurant Company, and under the same restaurant group, he was formerly a sous chef. He went to business/finance college as a way out of the “industry” when he was 18. But he couldn’t shake the itch of hospitality.

Is There Anything That Separates Baron’s Cove From The Restaurants Vogel Have Previously Served At?

He said that the venue and seasonality set Baron’s Cove apart from the last restaurant at which he served as the executive chef. For him, it’s undoubtedly a change coming from Washington, D.C. But he grew up vacationing in and around Cape May, New Jersey, about four years ago, and previously worked at Cape Resorts properties. Knowing the essence of a resort destination is something he is familiar with and has dealt with before.

How Did Vogel Build His Relationships With Farmers In The East End, Vineyards, Suppliers Of Seafood, Etc.? And With Whom He Is working At Baron’s Cove Right Now?

The main thing is development. He is a few months into reopening the restaurant and starting from scratch with the latest culinary curriculum while seeking to source the best local ingredients and produce he can. One of the reasons he came here was to take advantage of the local credit, to be more associated with farmers, fishers, and to be an involved member of the society of the East End. Today, he works with, to name a few, Braun Fisheries, Haskell Seafood, Foster Farms, and Treiber Farms.

His Ambitions And Ultimate Vision For The Baron’s Cove

The first “Hamptons” menu he created was the latest menu for summer 2020. His mission and vision for every menu are to put the guest’s eyes with vivid, bold, and clean flavors with exciting plating. He looks forward to continuing to make Baron’s Cove’s Restaurant a paradise and to be able to stand out while also giving the hotel guests staying with us a great amenity.

How Does The Consistency Or Flavor Of The Dishes Cooked Influence The Freshly Captured Seafood?

He has always loved fishing from a young age, and he believes that environmental ideas and values contribute to his mission here at Baron’s Cove. Through using his relationships with local captains and vendors to use in-shore species native to this part of Long Island, he aims to use the freshest local commodity possible. Dock-to-dish is the farm-to-table counterpart and has an enormous impact on consistency and taste.






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