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Everything Quite After Woman Breaks Husband’s Corvette Into Pieces

A YouTube video recorded by the neighbour shows, how a woman broke her husband’s Corvette(car) into pieces.

The Video Description

A woman was quick enough to record a video after seeing the neighbour attacking her husband’s Corvette.

The woman described the entire scenario in the video’s description.

A still from the video.


She heard someone use expletive words while working in the yard area. She saw her neighbour walking into their garage and pull out a three to four-foot-long wrench. The lady starts beating up her husband’s car with the wrench.

The lady’s husband, who was inside the garage, says “honey stop” at 35 seconds in the video. The couple went in after the lady finished beating up the car.

Moreover, the sound of a baby crying in the video is heard. The baby is someone else’s and has nothing to do with the couple.

The husband comes out after about 15 minutes. He picks up the broken pieces and throws them into the trash. He pulls the Corvette inside the garage, gets inside the truck and leaves.

It’s All Quite After That

The lady stayed for a few more hours after the incident. The woman(who recorded the video) saw her neighbour leaving with what looked like her mother. Since the incident, nobody has come back to home, read the YouTube video description.

According to the woman, no cops were ever called.  And that’s how everything broke into a brief silence after the incident.

Although, we do hope that things ended with mutual consent!

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