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Everything about Apple Screening Tool : COVID-19 App and Website.

COVID19 is one of the diseases, that shook the whole world. In other words, it is one of the most powerful pandemic diseases. Many companies made their level best to educate people about the ongoing situation. Companies like Google made Self Screening Tool so that people can analyze their situation. Apple Screening tools are taking their steps to provide the best protection for the users.

Apple made its step towards protecting the world, it made a website and an app for Self-Screening. It has released the website and the app, which has a set of resources. These Resources help people informed and gives a few steps to protect from the spread of the virus and stay healthy.

The COVID-19 app and website ask users a series of questions around risk factors, recent exposure, and symptoms for themselves or a loved one. In addition to that users receive CDC recommendations. It has steps that have guidance on social distancing and self-isolating. It also to closely monitor symptoms, whether or not a test is recommended at this time, and when to contact a medical provider.

This app and website is only for Individuals and should not be used by an Organisation or Health-care Providers. The app and website provide access to Resources. These Resources help people stay informed and get the support they need. Users will receive answers to FAQ asked questions about COVID-19. These FAQs will help people who are mostly at risk and how to recognize symptoms.

Besides, users can learn the most up-to-date information from the CDC. The information includes best practices for washing hands, disinfecting surfaces and monitoring symptoms.

We all know that Apple provides strong user privacy. The COVID-19 app and the website keeps all user data private and secure. The App or website doesn’t require any sign-in or association with a user’s Apple ID. The user’s responses are not be sent to Apple or any government organization.

Apple Screening Tool, where to Install and Use?

To download the App, the users need to go to the “App Store” and search for the app named “Apple COVID-19”.

Here is the link to the app – Apple COVID-19 and the users can also visit the website and start screening on Apple’s COVID-19 Screening Tool.

The app is only accessible to US users as of now, but the website is accessible all over the world.

Stay Home, Stay Safe and Don’t Forget to Smile!

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