Epic Games Store: Online Store Has Now Given Away Over $2K Worth Of Video Games

The Epic Games Store is grabbing a lot of attention lately, and for all the right reasons. As part of their weekly game offer, they’ve made Grand Theft Auto V available for free to everyone. Players get to keep this game for themselves in their library after the sale period is over, too.

Epic Games Store’s Free Games Collection Is Quite A Valuable Collection

This isn’t the first time that the Epic Games Store has offered a high profile title for free. That being said, Grand Theft Auto V is certainly a step up from their usual selections. They’ve been giving away certain games for free for 18 months now. So, news outlet PCGamesN went back through the Epic Games Stores’ previous offers and calculated how much this entire collection of free titles is actually worth.

Spoiler alert, it’s worth a lot. According to their calculations, the Epic Games Store has given away $2,140.94 worth of games to its users. This comes up to £1,768.83. However, PCGamesN does note that the actual value of this collection may be different from one currency to another due to regional pricing.


Epic Games Store Has Given Away Over 100 Games In Total

If someone has been lucky enough to grab this entire collection of free games, they’d have an impressive 108 games in their library. Usually, the Epic Games Store rotates their free set of games every week or two weeks. However, they did change things up during the 12 days of Christmas, offering one new game every day instead.

Epic’s decision to just offer games freely hasn’t come without some wrinkles, though. Grand Theft Auto V especially has put quite a strain on their servers. When there were rumours around May 14, 2020, that the game would be free on the store, users reported numerous issues.

Rockstar Is Struggling To Handle The Rush Of New Players

Even now, after so many players have picked up GTA V, Rockstar’s own Social Club launcher as well the GTA Online service is working under some strain. It may take Rockstar some time to iron out the kinks on this one. They’ll certainly be glad to have an even bigger player base thanks to the Epic Games Store, though.


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