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Emma Watkins And Boyfriend Got A New Puppy While The Ex Husband Got Twins

Emma Watkins and her boyfriend brought home a new puppy. On Tuesday, Emma was seen holding the dog to be precise a pooch.

The Puppy

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She was carrying that puppy like a child, very close to her heart. She was spotted wearing a thick headband along with maroon dress and stockings.

She had in her hands, the puppy and the other hand she had puppy pads for the pup’s toilet training. She was seen loading them in the car with her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend Oliver is a guitarist and also plays other instruments for The Wiggles. They officially confirmed their relationship in late 2019.

The Baby

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The puppy came into their life right after Emma’s ex-husband Lachy announced the birth of his twins with his new wife. Emma congratulated her ex-husband on Friday, and she got the puppy on Tuesday.

Fans didn’t know about Lachy and his wife Dana’s pregnancy and were left shocked when they came to realise they gave birth to twins.

Despite being divorced, Emma and Lachy still remain close friends and even play together in The Wiggles.

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