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Elon Musk Reopens Tesla Plant In California Despite Orders

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla announced that he will be going against Alameda county rules and restrictions and reopen the Tesla factory in California.

Musk reopens California plant

Musk confirmed in a tweet that he would be opening his plant despite the restriction placed in the county. He even asked authorities to not arrest the workers and just arrest him instead since he made them come to work. He seemed very excited about going back to work and even sent employees a personal message. It read that he was really happy that they were all coming back to work again, and seeing the factory lit up was all because of them.


When asked about how his day was at the plant, he replied ‘Great’. The industrial designer has been busy during the quarantine but he has gotten into a dispute before with the authorities over this very plant. He threatened to change the location of the plant if they didn’t let him open. Donald Trump came to his rescue saying it was a good thing he was keeping the factory open. Although people are having mixed feelings about this situation because during a time like this it is very unsafe to put his workers at risk.


The measures taken at the plant

It seems like extra measure is being taken at the plant. Plastic curtains hang between workstation so no one has direct contact with each other. Thermal scans are done before the worker can enter the plant, and the scans are taken every day. Plexiglass has been installed in the break rooms and gloves and masks are being handed out. The workers are also required to watch a safety training video before they can officially start work so they know how to follow workplace protocols during the pandemic. The workers are very happy working with him.

The factories and plants were to be opened within 8th May, with restrictions of course, but that didn’t happen. This is why Musk decided to take things in his own hands. He waged a war against the authorities and kept the plant open. Tesla seems to be doing well as their prices in the stock market have driven up. This year has been spectacular for the company and has seen one of the highest rises since its inception.

Threats by Elon Musk

The industrialist isn’t afraid of getting in a spat with the authorities who don’t let him have his way. He threatened to move the plant from California to Nevada if they did not let him open. The plant accounts for more than 20,000 employees, which is half of the number of employees recruited by Tesla. If the plant did shift, it would bring about economic destruction on some level for the government. This is why they had to let him stay open, but with lots of restrictions.

Elon Musk

A lawsuit for defamation was also filed previously against Musk but he came out unscathed. The case was filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Now it seems Musk has another lawsuit to deal with, this time against Health officials. The lawsuit claims that Musk is downplaying the viral pandemic by saying that the fatality rates were overstated and that it was ‘dumb’ to panic. He even supported Trump’s claim of hydroxychloroquine being the cure despite failed results.

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