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Elon Musk, Tesla: Elon Musk’s idea of an “affordable ” and competitive model.

Elon Musk, business tycoon does adhere to the fact that “Tesla’s are not affordable.” He talks about this during a meeting with investors. How model 3 starts at 37,990 USD, Musk wants to incorporate more ideas.

He want his electronic vehicle and clean energy company to be more feasible and accessible. Therefore,he has come up with new plans during the earnings meeting.

Tesla 3rd model
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He said, “It is important to make the car affordable. Like the thing that bugs me the most about where we are right now is that our cars are not affordable enough. We need to fix that.”

“We want to be slightly positive and maximize growth, and make the cars affordable as possible.”

He’s new idea is rather groundbreaking. He has found out the solution to removing the bug. There shall be the development of the Tesla 2 model.

It will be built in Germany and would be a lower end model. Apart from customer friendly vocations, he’s a businessman after all. With “European style hatchback”, this model will be a competitor to the hybrids that are on the lower end pricing.

Tesla, recently opened a new Gigafactory in Germany. Much awaited to see his plans turn to reality.

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