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Elon Musk And Amber Heard Shared Their secretive Flings

The ex-couple Amber Heard and Elon Musk threw their secretive fling. The couple shared some naughty facts in their own words. This all started after Amber’s breakup with Johnny Depp. Elon and Amber secretly dated for a year. But they kept their romantic life absolutely out of the spotlight.
Amber Heard called their romantic life a “beautiful relationship”. It has emerged since the actress had a cute nickname for the tech-savvy SpaceX founder. She called him her ”rocket man”. The Hollywood actress firstly public her relationship with Elon Musk in early 2017.

They made their relationship official in April 2017. Amber Heard shared a sweet picture of an event in Australia. The couple was sitting together and Elon got a red lipstick kiss on his face. The actress used a cheesy caption ”Cheeky”. Elon Musk also shared the same picture with a cute caption. He wrote – Having moo moo at Moo Moo Gold Coast with @AmberHeard.

Consequently, the actress was left devastated after more than a year-long relationship. Elon broke up with her in Australia when he left for LA. Subsequently, she got married to her ex Johnny Depp. Unfortunately, the relationship wasn’t going well. Eventually, this relationship led to divorce. The actress is currently dating girlfriend Bianca Butti. We present our hearty wishes for their relationship the best.

Returning back to the Amber Heard and Elon Musk fling. After their break up the actress wrote – In this case, I’d like to remain quieter. Although we have broken up, Elon and I care deeply for one another and remain close. To add she wrote- Thank you for the continued support, respect, and privacy during these difficult, very human times.
To be noted Elon also added that they are still friends. They still are on very good terms indeed.

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