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Elizabeth Hurley-Flaunting Abs

Famous model, actress and swimwear designer Elizabeth Hurley just shared a smoking hot picture of Elizabeth Hurley flaunting abs in nearly- topless  Instagram post

Famous model, actress, and swimwear designer Elizabeth Hurley just shared a smoking hot picture of herself. The model posted an almost topless picture on Instagram posing in the sunny English countryside. She posted the picture with a warm caption, stating, “ The temperature’s rising in our beautiful countryside- fourteen weeks at home and England is blooming 💗”. Her post is blowing out Instagram.

The swimwear designer is just glowing in natural light. She skipped her bra to flaunt her absolutely and ridiculously toned abs. In the photo, she is just wearing an open sweater. It should be noted that the sexy designer celebrated her 55th birthday. Now you all must be thinking of how she manages her figure so well.

Breaking all stigmas, Elizabeth never been to any gym or studio to workout.  The designer told that she is very active. She likes to spend her time in the beautiful countryside to get her workout doing chores around her home. UK based model depends on three small things to stay fit and healthy. She tries to make some more time for exercise, has nutritious food, and do relaxing activities in the remaining time.

Elizabeth Hurley also shared that she likes to spend her time maintaining her garden in the country. She told that gardening is her main exercise. The designer uses her chainsaw to cut down a hedge which helps her to burn her calories and spend extra ATPs. She also told me that she eats mostly organic food, which gives her a bonus.

The model is definitely a multitasker. She is so active and fit even in her mid-fifties.

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