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txk, t63, x, hh, uyq, eb, wez, yv, 4e, ppk, mls, 0, k, Drinkers Hit Bars For One Last Time Before Government's New 'Rule For S
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Drinkers Hit Bars For One Last Time Before Government’s New ‘Rule For Six’ Comes Into Practice From Monday!

Drinkers Hit Bars For One Last Time Before Government’s New ‘Rule For Six’ Comes Into Practice From Monday!

Last night, drinkers hit bars and pubs in groups in London, Manchester and Nottingham for one last time. As from next week onward, Government has decided to introduce a new ‘rule for six’.

Groups of young people were spotted at the Southbank in London. Young girls were spotted chatting outside the pubs. Crew of friends gathered at Las Iguanas restaurant and bar in London. Everyone, including the youngsters, enjoyed the last weekend to the fullest before the introduction of strict rules.

The Prime Minister of UK put forward some strict rules and regulations on Wednesday to control the rapid spread of the coronavirus. The PM decided Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer, said that there had been an alarming spread of the virus among youngsters. And, due to this, the government has decided to ban all social gatherings. It also stated that if more than six people are spotted together, then they will be arrested. 

In England, a group of six (including children) will not be allowed to gather together in any public places. However, funerals, weddings, and some other events are not included in the list. As said by the police chiefs, the rules are confusing. 

The PM announced in her first press conference in July that everyone should follow all the strict policies that have been set up. And also if anyone is found violating the rules, then he or she will be charged with fines of at least £100. The strict rules are to be followed as medical experts said that youngsters led the second alarming spread of the virus. As they failed to follow the rules and regulations amid this pandemic situation. 

The PM also apologized for imposing such restrictions and said that it breaks his heart to stop family get-together. 

The PM also added, “I wish that we did not have to take this step. But as your Prime Minister, I must do what is necessary to stop the spread of the virus and save lives.”

Matt Hancock, on Wednesday, said that new set of rules might stop people from celebrating Christmas this year. But he hopes that such condition may not prevail till Christmas. And maybe things will be getting back to the ‘new normal’ by then. 

On Radio 1’s Newsbeat, Matt Hancock was asked if the rules will prevail during Christmas. He replied, “Potentially beyond. I want to be able to relax them before Christmas, obviously…”


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