Next Dragon Age Concept Art
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Dragon Age 4 Makes An Apperance At Gamescom

Gamescom’s Opening Night Live didn’t have tons of surprises, but BioWare talking about Dragon Age 4 was certainly one of them. We didn’t get too much concrete information about the game itself. However, we did get some concept art, as well as some early in-engine footage.

BioWare Talks About Dragon Age 4

The only thing we knew about this game so far is that BioWare is, in fact, working on it. They aren’t even calling it Dragon Age 4 at this point. It’s just “the next Dragon Age” for now. As cool as it was to see the concept art and the glimpses of footage, there was a lot of fluff here.

Next Dragon Age Concept Art
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Dragon Age 4’s Story Will Show What Happens When You Are Powerless

That’s understandable, considering the game is likely years away. That said, the lead writer Patrick Weekes did share a little bit about where they’re headed with its story. “For the game we’re working on now, we want to tell the story of what happens when you don’t have power. What happens when the people in charge aren’t willing to address the issues,” he said.

Sounds about right for Dragon Age. He does touch on an interesting shift in the way they seem to be choosing the protagonist, though. I haven’t played every BioWare game out there. The few that I have played do seem to lean into the fact that they’re power fantasies.

Next Dragon Age Solus Concept Art
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BioWare Seems To Be Moving Away From Their Usual Power Fantasies

Dragon Age: Origins puts you on a path where you’ll eventually be known as the Hero Of Ferelden. The Mass Effect Trilogy also puts you in similar shoes as Commander Shepard. You’re a Spectre, you have your own ship, your own crew and you’re all out to save the galaxy.

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So, to take that away might make for some interesting changes. This just me rambling about what little we know about the game so far. Whatever this game becomes, I hope it’s as great as BioWare wants it to be. They stumbled with Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem. I’d love for Dragon Age 4 to be a huge win.

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