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Dove Cameron Boyfriend: Dating Life In 2022

Dove Cameron Boyfriend

Dove Cameron seems to be giving love another go, with a recent story claiming the former Disney Channel actress sees a new mysterious guy. 

While the 25-year-old actress and singer have spent the last eight years of her life in two lengthy and very public romances with renowned co-stars, the stunning blonde is keeping her newest affair a secret.

With 44.7 million Instagram followers, the Emmy winner’s admirers devour every aspect of her personal life. Meanwhile, her booming job, which has helped her amass an estimated net worth of $3 million, keeps her in the headlines on a near-daily basis.

The following is a summary of Dove’s dating history.

Ryan McCartan

Dove met her initial boyfriend, Ryan McCartan, 28, in 2012, while working on the set of Liv and Maddie. While they did not immediately click, the Disney stars had fallen in love when the series premiered in July 2013.

Their public romance lasted three years, culminating in their engagement in April 2016.

“It was completely spontaneous. It was flawless. It was romantic and bohemian rather than orthodox. 

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We were both pretty clear with one another that it was something along the lines of, ‘I know you’re my person.’ You are aware that you are my person. Nobody else exists,'” According to The Things, Dove explained the plan.

The couple cooperated not just on television but also in the music studio. They founded The Girl and the Dreamcatcher together and released their first album, Negatives, in 2016.

Given how close and committed the two were in one another’s life, people were taken aback when Dove named off the engagement in October, just six months after it began. 

The pair separated, with Ryan turning to Twitter to express his heartbreak: “Dove has decided that this relationship is not for her. We continue to adore one another. Please use caution since this is distressing.”

Meanwhile, Dove remained silent about the split until July 2019, telling Seventeen magazine: “It was my first genuine relationship, both on- and off-screen. 

I kept private much of what I went through in that first relationship, the extreme highs, and lows. I was under the assumption that I had to have things looking beautiful at all times, which my spouse most emphatically reinforced.”

Fans gained more insight into their now-defunct romance almost a year later, in January 2020, when Ryan charged Dove of tricking him during their engagement. 

While Dove did not explicitly address the issue, she seemed to hint at it by sharing a photo with the caption: “When a toxic person loses control of you, they will attempt to manipulate how others perceive you.”

Kiersey Clemons (Rumored)

Dove hooked up with fellow actress and singer Kiersey Clemons, 27, in January 2017. The duo shared a kiss on Snapchat and was also pictured holding hands at an event.

The two unveiled identical Tic-Tac-Toe tattoos on Instagram in mid-January, with Dove sharing a snap of their tattooed, linked pinkies.

“What occurs in Vegas remains imprinted on your body for the rest of your years,” she captioned the photo.

Although neither Dove nor Kiersey acknowledged their relationship publicly, the two sparked romance speculations, all the more so considering that Dove had just come out as bisexual.

Dove subsequently revealed her bisexuality in August 2020 when discussing her song “We Belong” with After series author Anna Todd. 

“I think that’s incredibly wonderful, speaking as someone who is bi,” she remarked of the song’s lyric video, which showed shots of heterosexual and same-sex couples kissing. I didn’t want my work or aesthetics to be only devoted to heterosexual couples.”

Dove most recently acknowledged her sexuality in an interview with Gay Times in May, stating, “I’ve been hinting at my sexuality for years, hesitant to declare it out for everyone.”

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“I went on Instagram Live and said, ‘Guys, I wanted to explain something to you,'” the Bainbridge Island, Washington resident said. Perhaps I haven’t said it explicitly, but I am quite queer. It is something I want to convey via my music since it is a reflection of who I am.’

Thomas Doherty

Dove’s second serious relationship was with Thomas Doherty, 26, her Descendants co-star. 

Rumors about the pair started to circulate a few months after she ended her engagement with her previous fiancé. The young actresses posted erotic photos of themselves on social media as early as December 2016.

When Dove visited the British actor in January 2017, admirers hoped for a romance.

In February, the two acknowledged their relationship, with Dove telling People: “We’re in a relationship. I’m keeping it somewhat quiet we’re keeping it private because everything is [much] more romantic and true when it’s yours and private.”

In interviews, Dove and Thomas have often praised one another, with Thomas telling Entertainment Tonight in October 2019: “She is the most wonderful person I’ve ever met.”

He went on to say: “I believe that people see her as so skilled — because that is, after all, her job, to perform and all that — but she is the most caring, patient, and sincere, loving person I have ever encountered. And very generous and nice. She is incredible. Indeed, she is.”

Meanwhile, she was gushing about him to ET a month later: “he is the purest, loving, unselfish, kind, and lovely [person].”

“I believe that if I marry anybody, it will be him,” she told the news source.

Despite seeming to be a couple made in heaven, Dove and Thomas called it quits in late 2020, with the singer announcing the breakup on Twitter in December.

“Although the choice was very painful, we remain in love with one another and will stay friends. We appreciate your affording us our privacy at this time, “she sent a tweet.

Alexander 23

Dove is presently seeing Alexander, 23, a musician who is 26 years old. In March, the duo was connected when he appeared in her music video for “Lazy Baby,” featuring a passionate kiss.

After a month, she was dishing to NYLON about her first date with a mysterious guy, who is presumed to be Alexander.

The two are proceeding cautiously, as a source told Just Jared in April: “They’ve been dating informally for about a month and a half, but nothing is official yet.”

“This was much simpler when I had a very public boyfriend,” Dove quipped in her September WIRED autocomplete interview, adding, “Because everyone knew everything.”

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