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Donald Trump's Sister Maryanne Trump Sparked A Controversy Amidst The Heat Of Upcoming Elections!! - The Tech Education
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Donald Trump’s Sister Maryanne Trump Sparked A Controversy Amidst The Heat Of Upcoming Elections!!

America’s biggest event of the year is approaching at its full pace. The US is all set to get a new President in November this year. The politics there have started taking heights. Talking about the sitting President of the US, many controversies are running around.

Donald Trump is a name that is closely associated with controversies. And no one can separate the two.  Talking about the recent news about Donald Trump, his own sister has made shocking revelations. Also, Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, is believed to have claimed serious allegations against her brother. The shocking revelations were claimed by Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump.


Source: axios.com

All the allegations are said to be a secret recording of Maryanne Trump, recorded by Mary Trump.
Here, in the recordings, Maryanne can be heard calling brother Donald Trump, “man with no principles”. Even, she further adds that Trump is not trust-worthy.

Shockingly, she claims that her brother is even “lying” in the White House.
Maryanne claims further that brother Donald Trump doesn’t read anything. Adding, she says that Trump has only five achievements and they are his “five bankruptcies.”

Source: insider.com

Giving a further shock, she went to slam him that Donald Trump didn’t even appear for his SAT and someone else was paid to do the job.
Also, all of these shocking claims are allegedly made back in 2018 and 2019 when Mary Trump went on to take it on record, secretly.

Moreover, These claims and leaks in this election mode is a very big story. It can add turmoil to the political sphere of Donald Trump.
Let’s see what will happen next in the story.

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