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Donald Trump Kanye West: Is Kanye West being paid by the Republican Party to distract voters to ensure Donald Trump’s victory? Kanye West’s answer, Truth Revealed!

Kanye West was allegedly accused of being paid by the Republican Party to distract voters. As the elections. With the forthcoming elections, Kanye West faced some serious criticism and allegations. He was called out for not being serious about his Presidential bid, and was paid to ensure the victory of Donald Trump for the second time.

Kanye West says he's not being paid by the Republican Party
Source: New Statesman

Kanye West, assured that he is serious without any latent motif. He said, “Can’t nobody pay me, I’ve more money than Trump.”

Kanye West, tried to clear his image, during Nick Cannons podcast show, ‘Cannons Class.’ He insisted that he is not corrup and cannot be bribed. He has nothing to gain, and is not a bait for Donald Trump’s victory. He mentioned that he meant business when it comes to being a Presidential candidate.

Kanye West support Donald Trump
Source: Daily Sabah

Kanye said that, “I’m not running for President…I’m walking in it,” when asked about his victory anticipation in the 2020 elections.

Though Kanye has always extended his support to Trump and been a huge fan. He’s more than confident to beat him this time.

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