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Donald Trump Gives A Bizarre Answer When Asked About Skipping Mask, Says Not Everyone Likes Covering Up

Donald Trump is known for his bizarre statements and comments. And this time it was related to wearing of masks during the pandemic scare.

Donald Trump Gives Bizarre Reply On Question About Wearing Masks

As the elections as ahead Trump has been conducting campaign rallies all around the US. And recently he was in Philadelphia for a town hall broadcast.

Donald Trump
Source: CBS

And there Trump had to face a question regarding masks. It was a person called Julie Bart who has been a former voter of Hillary Clinton who asked him a very important question. So the question was why Trump has no made wearing of masks mandatory and also on why does he skips masks most of the time.

So¬† Julie’s question was in lieu of the ongoing pandemic.

What Was Trump’s Take On Masks?

Trump came out with a very bizarre reply on Julie’s question. So he came out with an excuse saying that not everybody likes masks. Many people even think that masks are not healthy.

And when he was further asked if he could name any such people who don’t like masks, he gave another bizarre reply. He said that ‘Waiters’ don’t like masks!

Donald Trump
Source: CBS

And the reason he gave was that he saw a group of waiters playing with the mask. As in, they were touching the mask,opening it it, putting it back and then they were serving the food. Hence it is actually more dangerous and unhealthy.

Therefore Donald Trump said that the mask was of no use for them. As they are not understanding its importance or maybe they don’t want to. Moreover Trump also spoke on the anti-mask movements going on in some places where some people are openly opposing the use of masks.

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So Trump’s point was that there are plenty of people who don’t like covering up. And also talked a bit about the pros and cons of masks.

Also during the ABC broadcast hosted by George Stephanpolous , people also asked several questions on his sheer failure in handling the pandemic crisis in the country. But as usual he has excuses and replies handy!

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