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Donald Trump: Donald Trump rages Twitter storm after the Portland Protest Death! He will travel to Kenosha this Tuesday, taking matters into his own hand.

Portland has mostly been the site of violent protests. For months now, it has been facing chaos and extreme rage in it’s residence. Recently, the killing of a Black man, George Floyd, shook the entire world followed by protests.

President Donald trump tweeted about Portland, Oregon, early this Sunday.
Just few hours before the tweet, a man was killed during disagreement between Trump supporters and people protesting for Black Live Matters.

The US President again retweeted a post using expletive words to describe Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler.

He spoke of to “Tone down the language,” of others. The original tweeters accused Wheeler, a Democrat, of “war crimes” and of having blood on his hands.

He then retweeted posts of a Right-wing journalist, which had exclusive knowledge of the incident that took place in Portland.

Trump raged a tweetstorm by  posting again late Saturday night. He shared a message from the Conservative Broadcaster, One America News.

It was regarding the on going protests against racism in US. It was aiming to “take down the President”. Trump seemed to be infuriated by it.

Donald Trump: Taking Matters into his own hands

Donald Trump
Source: The Insider

Trump has strengthened up the “law and order” rhetoric. It follows the Republican National Convention, while demonstrations in support racial justice continue across the country, including in Washington.

He addressed a Tweet clearly mentioning about Muriel Bowser, mayor of Washington. He tweeted that Bowser should “Clean up D.C. or the Federal Government will do it for you.” Enough!

A White House spokesman said that Trump will travel to Kenosha on Tuesday regarding Blake’s shooting.

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Trump has not directly spoken regarding the Rittenhouse incident. After talking to reporters in Texas on Saturday, Trump, said the matter was “under investigation right now and they’ll be reporting back to over the next 24 hours.”

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