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criticized for asking a "muffled" reporter, Jeff Mason to 'take off his mask!' - The Tech Education
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Donald Trump: Donald Trump criticized for asking a “muffled” reporter, Jeff Mason to ‘take off his mask!’

The U.S. Health Officials have warned Americans to continue social distancing and wearing masks. By the end of this weekend, the United States may report its 190,000th deaths from coronavirus.

With this ongoing pandemic – Health comes first. But certainly things are still not clear for people.

During a press meeting US President Donald Trump asked a reporter to ‘remove face mask’ in order to be more audible. The White House press briefing became tensed when the reporter declined to remove their mask. He refused to comply and instead said that he would speak louder to clear his point.

The US president never puts on a mask during his frequent media briefings. The other people watching and the reporters do – in accordance with the US Centres for Disease Control guidelines to always have a face covering when going out in the crowd.

The reported did try to be loud and audible but the US leader grew frustrated and insisted by saying:
“You can take it off,How many feet are you away?” Trump asked.

The reporter then responded: “I’ll speak a lot louder.”
Trump began to argue with the reporter.
“If you don’t take it off, you’re very muffled. If you take it off, it’d be a lot easier,” Trump said of the reporter’s face mask.

Trump then told Jeff Mason that his mask ‘muffled’ the question.

Mason, a former President of the White House Correspondents’ Association, then repeated his question politely throughout the North Portico press conference.

Aaron Rupar, another journalist posted a clip on his official Twitter. In that clip Trump can be seen demanding Mason to ‘take that [mask] off’.

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While Mason, keeping in view the pandemic, didn’t do so. Trump was seen getting quite annoyed. Later on, in the press conference, Trump praised another reporter who took off his mask while questioning .

Trump commented ‘You sound so clear,as opposed to everybody else.’

Donald Trump does not approve of masks?

This is not the first time the US leader and Mason have clashed over a mask. Earlier in May, Trump and reporter Mason had an heated conversation over the use of face mask.

Trump asked Mason to ‘take that mask off’. On Mason’s refusal to do so, Trump replied in the form of a verbal assault, saying, ‘Oh OK, because you want to be politically correct.’

To this Mason retaliated ‘No, sir, I just want to wear the mask’. Mason was quite sure about what is he doing and what is he saying in front of the President.

Donald Trump on the other hand seems to be on and off with the real matter of the discussions taking place in the conference.

Trump also commenced the Labor Day news conference by incorrectly pronouncing the word ‘projecting’.

In another instance, he retorts to reporters, saying, ‘Friends of mine have said, sophisticated friends have said, you’ve got to be the most innocent guy ever to hold this office,” and accuses protesters of “throwing soup”.

Keep it a thought, is such a behavior accepted from the President of The U.S.

Not just this, The Republican has also mocked his Democrat rival Joe Biden for “liking” masks too much. As the Presidential Elections are ahead, this is Trump’s way of mocking his rival down.

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