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Donald Trump Contradicts With Robert Redfield’s Claims About The Availability Of Corona Virus Vaccine

Donald Trump has recently expressed his disagreement with the Disease Control Director on claims involving Corona Virus Vaccine.

Donald Trump Contradicts Robert Redfield’s Claims

The Disease Control Director Robert Redfield had recently stated that the Corona Virus vaccine would be available for the masses by mid or late 2021.

But Trump had something else to say. During a press conference in the White House he quoted that the CDC director has given a wrong information about the availability of the corona virus vaccine. And Trump added that the statement Robert gave about the vaccines being available for the masses by mid 2021 holds no truth.

Donald Trump
Source: AP

Also Trump stated that the CDC director must be a little confused. Moreover he also showed his disagreement on Redfield’s statement about the effectiveness of wearings face masks.

It is not unknown to anyone that Donald Trump and face masks don’t go hand in had. And that he had always given controversial statements when it comes to masks. Therefore he slammed Redfield’s comments that even if vaccines don’t come out it is the masks that will protect him from the virus.

Because according to Trump this was a bizarre thing to say. He added that although masks protect us to some extent but that doesn’t mean that it will make us immune against the virus. And as usual Trump also talked about how some people are reluctant to wear masks.

Donald Trump
Source: AP

Thus he stated about how important it is for the vaccines to come out. Therefore it was not right for Redfield to just announce a time frame for the availability of the vaccine. Hence maybe Trump wants to indicate that we might get the vaccine way before the time stated by the CDC director.

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His Recent Statement On Masks In Philadelphia

Well as the elections are just a few months away Trump has been busy with electoral campaigns and rallies. And recently he was in Philadelphia where he was at a talk show hosted by the ABC news.

So during the show a former Hilary Clinton Voter asked Trump on why is he reluctant to wear masks. And she also added that why isn’t he making wearing of masks compulsory to all the citizens. To which Trump had a very controversial reply.

Donald Trump
Source: ABC News

He said that not everyone likes masking up. And giving a bizarre example he said that Waiters are not comfortable with masks. Thereby giving an example that he saw some waiters playing with the mask, dirtying it with their hands and the serving the food.

Thus Trump showed utter disbelief in the effectiveness of masks. Apart from that we have witnessed several such instances where Trump gave bizarre statements on masks.

Also many a times we spotted the President moving out without wearing a face mask.

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