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Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, And More

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2

Domestic Girlfriend is a Japanese fiction show composed and represented by Kei Sasuga. For the previous two years, enthusiasts have been expecting the resume of Domestic Girlfriend Season 2. 

Hence, the DomeKano manga’s finish has transformed several things and might influence the prospect of its anime arrangement. On the other side, the show’s creator has carried away some provocative details regarding the series.

Has Studio Diomedia dropped Domestic Girlfriend season 2? Can enthusiasts save the series? Therefore, here is everything you need to know regarding the famous fantasy series.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date

There is no precise announcement about season 2 still; we are assured that it is not canceled. We can place our expectations in 2022 to premiere season 2 as it merely takes a year for the creation to produce 12 episodes. It’s sufficient to expect for the upcoming season.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Cast

Natsuo Fujii 

Natsuo is a high-class scholar who is 17 years old and an ambitious storyteller, whole of productive drives but protecting them from all his buddies and classmates.

Rui Tachibana

Rui is a high-class scholar who ultimately reveals emotions for Natsuo. She originally joined him on a trip with buddies, where they hid out and both wasted their virginities with one another, to surprisingly become his stepsister following her mom’s remarries.

Hina Tachibana

Hina is a high-class English professor who ultimately starts a bond with Natsuo, one of her classmates who is likewise her step-brother.

Momo Kashiwabara 

Momo is a classmate of Natsuo. She is notorious for being provocative and sexually diverse away from her hobby of creating mysterious plush dolls.

Miu Ashihara 

Miu is an individual member of the school’s Literature Club till the return of Natsuo, and Momo. She is depicted as a humble and soft-voiced girl with a touch of strictness when they are in the archives.

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Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer revealed for Domestic Girlfriend season 2. For now, you can watch its first season trailer and episodes and guess the storyline.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Plot

At the start of Domestic Girlfriend Season 2, the fiction might begin to reflect a terrible lot like the American sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Chapter 73 initiates with a glance ahead view to a time where Natsuo is married and acting as a trained novelist.

During a phone call, he is questioned whether his subsequent work will be a tale regarding how he got united with his partner, but the manga never shows the identification of this partner. 

The manga does have this person exclaim out that “we are home” (which might mean kids), but the fiction will presumably jump this time as everyone would quickly recognize the voice cast.

Falling back to the now, Rui will aspire to track down her lost sister, Hina, because she doesn’t seem right regarding just diving in. She desires to assist Natsuo to wipe the slate clean so he can pass it on. 

Rui speculates that their parents understand where Hina has gone, but her mom will just accept that she talked to Hina but declares she doesn’t understand where Hina lives.

Of course, this is a myth as the parents previously paid an investigative company to follow Hina below. Rui also tries to blackmail Mr. Kiriya but he legitimately doesn’t understand the school where Hina presently works. Rui happily forces school director Takeuchi into showing the transfer spot.

The issue is that Natsuo doesn’t want to attempt out Hina. In the report that Hina left Natsuo, she said she was resigning because she wanted to provide him an opportunity to explore his idea of becoming a storyteller. Hence, Natsuo is decided to pause till he is ready to view Hina again.


It is all about Domestic Girlfriend season 2 that you should know. If you haven’t watched its first season yet then just watch it today. Now, it’s time to end the post. Stay connected with us for such trendy and latest stuff. 

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