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Disney Plus Discontinues Free Trials Right Before Hamilton Release

Recently, Disney plus seemed to stop offering free trials to its new subscribers quietly. With the feature vanished from the website, whoever signs up will have to pay to continue to stream.

Disney Plus-A Growing Streaming Service

Disney plus is an on-demand streaming service, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. Along with providing original content from Disney, it also advertises content from Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. With 50 million subscribers worldwide, it does not stop growing.

Disney plus, like other streaming services, provided free trials. But just after six months of its launch in 2019, it has discontinued the feature. The company has justified this by saying they’re evaluating different ways of marketing and promoting Dinsey. The price-to-value position is what Dinsey takes pride in. After this, Disney remains the single major streaming service not to offer any sort of free trial.


A Business Move?

The timing isn’t odd and can be attributed to a business move. Because, few weeks remain to the release of Hamilton, probably the single most anticipated title on Disney. Premiering on 3rd July, it is a recording of a Broadway Original. Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote a book, Hamilton that tells a story of an American Founding father-Alexander Hamilton. He also created the famous musical inspired by the book.

The show premiered in 2015 in a public theatre and since then, it hasn’t looked back. It has won eight Drama Desks awards, which includes Outstanding Musical. The critical acclaim it earned explains all the anticipation. Although critics have pointed out some historical inaccuracies, the in-depth and captivating musical gives a leeway for the audience to spare that.

Available Options

Although Disney Plus has not confirmed this, fans speculate this could be a reason. Preponing the release of the filmed version as opposed to the theatre release next year, the creators might have thought to stop people from subscribing for free. Now if you want to stream your favourite movies and series, $6.99, with adoption on Hulu for $12.99 and ESPN plus.

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