Discussing Important Details of CompTIA A+ Certification: What Skills Will Be Measured? What Job Titles Can Be Taken? Why Are Practice Tests So Useful?

The CompTIA A+ certification is currently the industry standard for establishing a solid career in IT. It is one of the most sought-after credentialsthese days. Those professionals who have this certificateare the proven problemsolvers. They support today’s core technologies from data management to Cloud and more. This CompTIA credential is alsothe industry standard for launching an Information Technology career into thecurrent digital world because of various reasons that include the ones below:

  • CompTIA A+ is the only certification with performance-based items to prove thatthe professionals have the ability to think on their feet to accomplish critically IT support technical tasks.
  • CompTIA A+ is re-invented regularly by the top IT experts to ensure that it proves core abilities and skills demanded in the current workspace.
  • CompTIA A+ is trusted by the employers worldwide and they continuously use it to identify the best person to occupy the position of endpoint management and technical support roles.

What else should you know about this credential? Let’s discuss it!

CompTIA A+ certification: prerequisite exams

The A+ certificate obligesthe specialists to pass two exams. The first one is 220-1001, which is also known as Core 1,and the second test is Core 2, or 220-1002. These two exams cover the following content:

  • Support and configure mobile, PC, and IoT device hardware;
  • Support basic IT networking and infrastructure;
  • Implement basic data backup as well as recovery methods along with data management best practices and storage;
  • Troubleshoot and solve problems of core services and support challenges while at the same time applying best practices for scripting, change management, and documentation;
  • Configure device operating systems, including Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Linux, Mac, and Windows and administer client-based and Cloud-based (SaaS) software;
  • Demonstrate baseline security knowledge and skills for the IT support professionals.

CompTIA A+ certification: skills measured

There are plenty of skills one gets by going through the CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 – Network+ N10-007 – A+ 220-1001 & 220-1002 Amazon AWS CCNA CCIE PDF 70-411 Pass4sure certification path. Some of the most important onesthat can be gained through learning this credential are highlighted below:


  • Hardware


Validating with CompTIA A+ helps the students develop core hardware skills, such as identifying, using, and connecting hardware components as well as devices.


  • Operational Procedures


As we said earlier, if you want to be a CompTIA A+ certificate holder, you must pass two exams. You will learn all about operational procedures from the second test – 220-1002.The professionals with knowledge of operational procedures have the ability to follow best practices for environmental impacts and safety as well as professionalism and communication.


  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing


This topic is covered in the first exam (220-1001). A certified specialistneeds to have the relevant skills to compare and contrast Cloud computing concepts and set up client-side virtualization.


  • Mobile Devices


In this section, you will gain knowledge of installing and configuring different mobile devices, including laptops. The connection and configuration of accessories and ports are also important parts of this domain


  • Security


It is another skill that the candidates master and validate with their CompTIA A+ credential. Bygettingit, you demonstrate that you have what it takes to identify and protect against any security vulnerabilities not only for devices but also for connections of those devices.


  • Hardware and Network Troubleshooting


You will be able to master the knowledge ofhardware and network troubleshooting, ways of troubleshooting both device and network issues, and utilization of best practice methodologies to solve issues.


  • Networking


This exam objective validates that you can explain the types of networks and connections. It proves that you know a thing or two about SOHO, WIFI, and TCP/IP.


  • Software Troubleshooting


Through the CompTIA A+ certification, you master the skills to troubleshoot software. Earning this credentialalso validates your ability to troubleshoot mobile devices and PC issues, including application security support.


  • Operating Systems


You will also get the relevant knowledge of operating systems. The A+ certificate will prove that you have mastered the skills to identify, use, and connect hardware components and devices.

CompTIA A+ certification: preparation process

Preparation is the most vital part of the whole exam process, so you need to think carefully about what resources to use. Indeed, the A+ certification tests can be challenging to pass. However, with the right study materials, you can easily deal with these exams and become a certified specialist. There are tons of tools on the PrepAway website that you can use for your preparation. The platform provides you with practice tests, video tutorials, study guides, and blog articles with study tips that can help you succeed.

CompTIA A+ certification: career options

There are so many companies that use CompTIA A+ all over the world. Some of the most notable organizationsare the following:

  • DELL;
  • HP;
  • RICHO;
  • Intel;
  • Blue Cross BlueShield.

Also, we would like to show you those job roles that the employers prefer to be occupied by the certified professionals with the CompTIA A+ credential. These positions include:

  • Data Support Technician;
  • Service Desk Analyst;
  • System Support Specialist;
  • Associate Network Engineer;
  • Help Desk Technician;
  • Field Service Technician;
  • End-User Computing Technician;
  • Technical Support Specialist;
  • Desk Support Administrator.


The CompTIA A+ certification covers laptop and PC hardware, software installation, and configuration of mobile and computer operating systems. It also evaluates your understanding of basic networking, security, and troubleshooting skills, which serve mainly as a springboard for the CompTIA security credentialsor for thecertificates offered by other vendors. With the A+certification, you are better placed to climb up the career ladder and get advanced job roles.

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