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Did Trump Just Mock Biden By Saying He Is the Worst Candidate? What Does He Mean By Saying Biden Doesn’t Know If He’s Alive?

What Did Trump Just Mock On Biden?

To everyone’s shock, Trump just called Biden the worst candidate in the election. Moreover, he even calls Biden that Biden doesn’t even know if he is alive. Trump even says that Biden has the worst career in Presidential politics. All these statements are recorded from Trump’s rally at Minden-Tahoe Airport.

Donald Trump
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Moreover, he continues to mock the Democrats. He said: ‘The only way they’re going to win is to rig it,’. The president also hopped from topic to topic in his more than 90 minutes remarks.

He threw a series of attacking words on his opponents. He even attacked the Democrats, railed against the coronavirus. Not only this he also complained about the Black Lives Matters protests in cities – among other topics.

Trump’s Rally

To tell you more about this rally. But Trump’s rally violated the norms of the Coronavirus Guidelines. Moreover, the only focus was to target his opponents. Trump spoke in front of the Sierra Mountains with the smell of smoke in the air from the wildfires one state over.

Talking about the crowd so The crowd was riled up, repeatedly yelling ‘four more years’ and ‘we love Trump. Moreover, ‘ They waved signs that said ‘peaceful protesters’ – which is what the president has started calling his rallies.

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Also, Trump reverses Churchill and often compares himself to a political icon.’ We have a debate coming up in three weeks and here’s the problem. Winston Churchill was a great debater,’ Trump said.

Trump also attacked former rivals, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. He even complained about Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Also, he tells the crowd ‘I hope you’re all gonna be poll watchers,’.

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