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Did Michelle And Nayte Break Up: Are Nate And Michelle Still Together?

did michelle and nayte break up

did michelle and nayte break up

Say it ain’t so! Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya have been together for almost a year, but there have been rumors that they are breaking up. Many fans want to know if Michelle and Nayte broke up. Read on for hints and everything we know so far.

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Did Bachelorette’s Michelle And Nayte Split?

There have been many rumors that Michelle and Nayte are breaking up. The celebrity gossip Instagram account DeuxMoi posted a message exchange with “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast host Amanda Hirsch in which they said they got “sad news” about the Bachelor Nation couple.

The message from DeuxMoi said, “I think she was crying in their staff room last week with a few other teacher friends and said she and Nayte broke up.” “It happened right before the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, so it was an overall hard week for her. I think they still talk, but they aren’t together anymore.”

Amanda put the conversation on her own Instagram Story and added, “Yep, I heard this about Michelle and Nayte, too,” with a crying emoji.

Michelle and Nayte still follow each other on Instagram, but Michelle hasn’t liked one of Nayte’s photos since May 29. She didn’t even give Nayte’s birthday message for her a double tap on June 4.

What Have Michelle and Nayte Said About Breakup Rumors?

The woman from Minnesota talked about the breakup rumors for the first time on May 29, after she was seen without her engagement ring.

“I usually don’t come on here and talk about things like this, but I’ve gotten so many messages about it,” Michelle said at the beginning of a video she posted to her Instagram Stories on May 29 and then ended. “If you were paying close enough attention to catch that moment, you would have also seen one of my friends take off my engagement ring briefly to try it on and then put it back on my finger.”

She said, “Just to remind you that Nayte and I are people, not zoo animals.” Not to mention that it’s creepy to record someone without their knowledge.”

michelle and nayte

Are Michelle and Nayte Still Together? 

The reality TV couple hasn’t said that they’re breaking up, so it looks like they’re still together for now. Nayte even hinted to Life & Style during the 2022 iHeartRadio KIIS FM Wango Tango on June 4 that they want kids “one day in the future.”

“He weighed 13 pounds!” During the interview, Michelle made a joke and said that they were taking their relationship “in stride” before getting serious. “We’re going to wait a hot minute because we’ve always talked about how we want to travel. We will travel with our kids someday, but first, we want to travel alone.”

Before that, in February, the man from Austin said that he and Michelle were still “feeling it all out” when it came to where they would live and when they would get married.

“We like to make sure we’re always making well-thought-out decisions, and we’re always looking at all of our options,” Nayte said, adding, “Yeah, it’ll happen.” He had previously talked about making plans to move to Michelle’s home state of Minnesota.

Life & Style asked Michelle and Nayte for their thoughts but did not hear back right away.

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