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Who Is DH Peligro’s Wife And Children? Did He Marry?

dh peligro wife

dh peligro wife

Who are D. H. Peligro’s wife and kids? Find out in this article the facts about D. H. Peligro’s personal life.

D. H. Peligro, whose real name is Darren Henley, is a well-known musician and drummer who was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 9, 1959.

Darren Henley (D. H. Peligro) started his career when he was 22 years old and became famous quickly. D. H. Peligro’s performances made him famous both in the United States and in other countries. He is best known for being in the famous rock band Dead Kennedys for a long time.

DH Peligro: Career Details

In February 1981, Peligro replaced Ted as the drummer for The Dead Kennedys. His first recording with the group was on the EP In God We Trust, Inc., which came out in December of that year. He went on to make the studio albums Plastic Surgery Disasters, Frankenchrist, and Bedtime for Democracy, as well as Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death, a collection of singles and rare tracks. In December 1986, the Dead Kennedys broke up.

In 2001, The Dead Kennedys and Peligro got back together without former frontman and main songwriter Jello Biafra. This was because Biafra was accused of civil fraud for not paying royalties. Biafra was found guilty of fraud, bad faith, and breaking a contract, and the California Supreme Court upheld the verdict. He was ordered to pay $220,000 in actual and punitive damages.

Biafra’s vocals were taken over by Dr. Know singer Brandon Cruz, and they played under the name “DK Kennedys” for a few shows. After that, they went back to calling themselves “The Dead Kennedys” for good. Cruz left the band in May 2003, and Jeff Penalty took his place. Jeff Penalty left the band in 2008, and Ron “Skip” Greer took his place.

Since getting back together, the band has put out Mutiny on the Bay, a recording of their last show with Biafra in 1986, and Live at the Deaf Club, a recording of a 1979 show. In 2007, a best-of album called Milking the Sacred Cow came out. It had two live songs that had never been released before.

Peligro left The Dead Kennedys in early 2008, saying that he needed a break from touring. The short break ended in June 2009, when Peligro came back to the band.

DH Peligro: Wife Details

It’s possible that D.H. Peligro was married and happy, but there isn’t much information about his past or present relationships.

DH Peligro: Children’s Details

Most of D.H. Peligro’s life was kept secret. At the moment, we don’t know anything about the famous drummer’s children.

DH Peligro: Net Worth

D.H Peligro’s net worth grew from 2020-2022. Most of his money came from the fact that he was a good drummer. Before he died on Friday, October 28, 2022, he was worth about $5 million, according to estimates.

DH Peligro: Cause Of Death

On Friday, October 28, 2022, D.H. Peligro died. Reports say that the drummer died from a head injury caused by an accidental falling. D.H Peligro died in his Los Angeles home.

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