Designated Survivor Season 4
Designated Survivor Season 4
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Designated Survivor Season 4: Was The Release Of The New Season Cancelled? Updates On The Netflix Show

Designated Survivor: What Is It?

In the last five years, political TV shows have become very popular.

Fans simply love the thrill and drama of these shows. Another benefit for these shows is that they have great scripts and excellent actors for main roles.

All of these things combined make political TV shows successful in today’s time. Designated Survivor is one such show.

I mean, of course, what best than to gain knowledge and thrill at the same time, watching the characters?

Well, Designated Survivor is a political thriller drama that, like the other political shows, is very popular. Fans love the show which sees Thomas Kirkman become the president all of a sudden after everyone else in the line of presidential succession dies in an explosion. The show has three seasons until now.

The first season came out in 2016. The first two seasons were on ABC studios. The third season, however, was on Netflix and it came in 2019.

 Season 4 Updates?

Designated Survivor has very good ratings right now. The show has a rating of 7.5/10 on IMDb and a score of 71% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Even though some call the show “politically incorrect” but fans still love the show. The ending of Season 3 shocked many fans.

Season 3 saw Kirkman run a very dirty re-election campaign. The end of Season 3 saw Kirkman get reelection as the President of the United States.

Many characters got new jobs in the administration, but Kirkman revealed many of his dirty secrets to his therapists. The shocking reveals have left fans asking for another season.

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Season 4 Cancelled?

The show has been cancelled once before. ABC cancelled the show in May 2018. But after seeing the fans ask for a Season 3, Netflix decided to pick up the show for a 3rd season.

Clearly, fans were very excited about this. After seeing the great ratings and viewership numbers for Season 3, many thought a Season 4 would come for sure.

But Netflix did not do the fans a favour for a second time. In July 2019, Netflix cancelled the show.

There hasn’t been any news after that, per se. Nonetheless, fans went into hysteria after they realized they wouldn’t get to see any more of the show.

Fans have been hoping that Netflix will reverse its decision but Kiefer Sutherland (Thomas Kirkman) has also bid goodbye to the show already.

Netflix has not given any updates about a renewal. This means that Season 3 Episode 10 is the last ever episode of Designated  Survivor.

Breaks your heart too, right? *sobs*. Come here, we’ll wail together.

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