Demon Slayer Season 2
Demon Slayer Season 2

Demon Slayer Season 2: Expectations And Everything We Know So Far

As you start reading this, you’ll have two reactions. One, you’ll get sad and angry, the second one your mood will rejuvenate. Your favorite manga adapted anime Demon Slayer won’t be coming back for a season 2. Sad? Well, don’t be, Because I have much better news. Instead, the series will reportedly turn into a movie! Now I know you’re happy. Also, the movie will continue from where season 1 left off. You can expect all your questions to be solved in the movie.

The movie will be produced by the creators of season 1.

Demon Slayer Season 2: Release Date, Plot And All New Information ...


The events of season 1 will lead to the story for the movie. It’s important to know how the story begins of the show and how demons take control. The story begins with Tanjir, the only man of the family remaining after the death of his father. They live in harmony in the fresh mountainsides. Tanjiro provides for his family by working as a seller of charcoals selling them in the city side. As he carries on with his daily routine at the city side, he gets late and stays up with an old man at his home to take shelter. The old man keeps saying to him something about the monsters. But Tanjiro ignores him and heads back to his home.

However, things take quite a turn and his worst nightmares come to life as he sees his family killed by beasts. But he is surprised to see his sister alive and broken. But she seems to be infected from the devils and she turns into a devil. Tanjiro then decides that it is up to him to save the people from these devils.

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The new movie is titled Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train. It will show the heroes helping the passengers of the train hijacked by the devils. The train has 200 passengers in it and it is up to the heroes to save the lives of these people.

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