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Demi Rose: Flaunted Her Super Toned Curves Posing At Beach With Her Pet Dog Teddy

Demi Rose, the outstanding and flawless model, could be spotted flaunting her eye-catching curves. However, she was on a plunging tropical print swimsuit.

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Demi was with her pet dog Teddy in Ibiza. Fans went crazy over her incredibly toned curves as she was spending time in serenity and tranquillity.

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The 24 years old model is enjoying her stay at Balearic party island. However, she didn’t put herself in quarantine despite a long journey to the United Kingdom.

No Quarantine!?

In this high time of covid19 pandemic, the threat is too challenging. Demi took it lightly. She was utterly relaxing on the poolside with her Teddy.

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Moreover, She did some photo session as well. However, that is during a break between her coastal swimwear shoots. Her travelling restrictions were called off in June.


Demi seemed like a bibliophile. She carried a paperback copy of Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss. However, that is a true story of a psychiatrist.

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The same day, the model filled her Instagram stories and posts with images. She flaunted her cleavage and toned curves, posing at the beachside.

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