Deleted Scenes From Avengers-Endgame Unleash New Fan Theories

We thought we knew all that happened in the endgame. Well, the MC Universe seems to unfold unlimited surprises. Recently, the deleted scenes from the movie have unleashed a wave of theories by fans.

Thanos Could Live Again

As we know, Thanos was killed twice. First, by Thor’s axe and then by the mighty infinity gauntlet. The deleted scenes suggest otherwise. Thanos was merely ‘willed out of existence’ is what fans believe now. The dialogues in the deleted scenes are making it obvious for the fans to believe so. They do not seem consistent with the end and thus hints at a twist.

Other Theories

Some theories emerged as soon as the movie was released in 2019. Thanos creating the Galactus is one. Fans say Thanos is too good not to keep a backup plan for his mission. Some people believe the way he snapped to finish half of the population; they could be brought back with the same. Steve Roger travelling back in time and deciding to live out in his past life, had a lot of speculations going about the MCU timeline. This introduced a time loop paradox that the heroes will resort to in order to save the world.

The Immortality Machine

When Bruce Banner aged Scott Lang from a toddler to a senior citizen, not a lot of people paid attention to it in depth. Thinking about it again, it could change the dynamics of the MCU. Heroes could be de-aged, like Steve Rogers and give a sense of immortality to anyone who users it.

Other minor theories include an entirely new timeline coming into the picture during the infinity war. Afterwhich, the MCU is believed to be split into two universes. Although these scenes might be introduced to depict the comics in an interesting way, they open door for the imagination of the fanbase.

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