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Is All For One Deku’s Dad? Complete Information!! More

Deku's Dad

One of the biggest questions in My Hero Academia is the identity of Izuku s father. Most people are born with a quirk that allows them to control their environment or have different powers, making Izuku unique and unremarkable. Izuku Midoriya was a quirk less individual, which meant he did not have any special powers. But things are starting to change as Izuku has begun receiving awesome power from his dad. Who is Deku’s Dad and what are the details revealed about him?

Izuku’s mother, Inko Midoriya, is a kind-hearted woman who always worries about her son. She has been shown on various occasions to be against Izuku’s decision to put himself in harm’s way. Izuku s father figure turned out that All Might. Luckily for Izuku, this was not the only person who walks him through his career However, what about Deku s dad? What does he think about Izuku’s dream? Does he even care? Does he even get to know what happens in his life from the looks of things, either he doesn’t or he simply doesn’t care enough? And where is Deukus’s dad now?


Who is Deku’s Dad?

Prior to the events of Bakugou Katsuki, Deku’s father is Hisashi Midoriya. The name Hisashi in Kanji means “a long time ago” and this phrase reminds readers that Deku has not seen his father as of yet or it has been a while since they last talked (due to the amount of time between It is amazing how many shonen anime protagonists have a missing father who was either absent due to work or killed. These range from Goku, Naruto, Gon, etc. Goku’s father was Bardock, a Saiyan scientist who rebelled against Freeza. Naruto’s father was the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze.

It is hardly possible that Izuku’s father will turn out to be someone unimportant who lets him do whatever he wants. If Hisashi turns out to be a laid-back character, this would simply infuriate the fans. Hisashi’s dad is still unknown, and most fans believe he has gone away. As we wait for Horikoshi to reveal more about Hisashi in the manga, this mysterious absence looms over us like a dark cloud. Izuku s dad is Deku. We hope that Izuku has an opportunity to know Hisashi and get advice from a positive male figure in the future.

Where is Hisashi Midoriya?

Hisashi Midoriya has been mentioned as being abroad. This becomes clear when Inko does not seem to know where her husband is, and she is forced to speak with Dr. Tsubasa about Izuku’s condition for the first time. What is Izuku’s father’s fate? Hisashi left shortly after Izuku was born, and so does that mean he abandoned them both?

Moreover, It has been noticed how izuku’s mother, inko looks a little distressed when she did mention him. There could be a personal problem within the family which suggests a bigger problem in his absenteeism. One theory is that Hisashi has gone missing, and his mother says he left overseas to protect Izuku’s feelings. This may be true considering Izu never contacts him–in Season 3 when Izuku receives his Hero license, he shows it to his mother and All Might but never mentions his dad. The same could be said about Hisashi who never even tries to contact the family when Izuku was gravely injured.

What is Hisashi Midoriya’s Quirk?

She is revealed to have the power of breathing fire. Her quirk’s power level has not been revealed yet. Moreover, it remains unknown what occupation she has overseas. If and so, she works as a hero at the least, chances are that her quirk resembles that of Endeavors in some way. The Inko quest to find Deku S Dad points back to the question of who is Deku s dad. Is he strong enough for her son Deku?

Is Deku’s Dad All for One?

One question that fans have wondered about for a long time is whether Izuku’s father, All Might, is Deku. Hisashi Midoriya has been missing from Izuku and his mother’s life for more than eight years – making him 4 at the time of their disappearance by Dr. Tsubasa. while we can’t be sure, Hisashi could have come to visit Izuku and his mom. If he didn’t give the Quirk-stealing Shigaraki was on the run for a while now, taking away all of the Quirks that he could. This could be one of the reasons Izuku’s dad never returned from his family. Maybe he saw Inko as an opportunity to create a child with her and considering his work and goal to take over the world for Tomura Shigaraki he may have been planning on returning later to get Izuku in order to train him/make him his

There is the possibility that the reason Hisashi does not return to his family is due to his current condition. If you all remember, All For One fought with All Might five years before he fought him in Season 3. All For One was terribly damaged by this fight between him and All Might. As a result, he has worn the Darth Vader style helmet ever since. It is also known that Mangaka Horikoshi is a huge fan of Star Wars. Who are Izuku Midoriya and All For One’s father?

Are Dr. Tsubasa and Dr. Daruma Ujiko the same?

Dr. Maruta Shiga

There has been a theory suggesting that Deku and All For One’s doctors are one. Dr. Tsubasa, who appears at the very beginning of My Hero Academia looks too similar to that of Dr. Ujiko, the right-hand man of All For One. There are a few hints that indicate that Dr. Tsubasa is in fact Deuko’s father, and one such hint is the mark which appears to be on [their] forehead which was kept concealed when Dr. Ujiko first appeared in the manga It is believed that All For One took Izuku’s quirk as soon as he was born, which would mean that the story about his double-jointed pinky being a leftover from his powers was just something made up. Additionally, Dr. Tsubasa and Dr. Ujiko have the same voice actor.

He eventually turned out to be Maruta Shiga, a name with very heavy meaning. His previous identity was Dr. Ujiko or Professor Ujiko in some translations. He has been revealed as the Chairman of Jaku General Hospital and he is doing unforgivable man-experimentations While he did offer his time for charity, the hospital also had a secluded section reserved for experimentations of Nomu and his name referring to these experiments.

A supportive theory to this is about Bakugo’s old friend, Tsubasa. He was a kid who had a wing quirk and he knew belonged to Shiga. Shiga experimented on him to create the winged Nomu this theory about Dr. Shiga is strong evidence that All For One, Deku’s father, may have something to do with his powers.

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