David de Rothschild
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David de Rothschild Has Gone On Some Cool Environmental Adventures

For an outsider, David de Rothschild is a fascinating character. His lineage is particularly interesting. The Rothschild family can trace their ancestry all the way back to the Holy Roman Empire. Not everyone can trace their family history all the way back to the 1500s. He turns 42-years-old today.

David de Rothschild Is An Environmentalist

The Rothschilds continue to be a respected banking family today, too. So, what does the descendant of an old family do in modern-day? Explore the world and help protect the environment of course.

David de Rothschild is the founder of the Sculpt the Future Foundation, a charitable organisation dedicated to preserving the environment. “The aim of Sculpt the Future Foundation is to promote positive environmental change towards global sustainability by supporting creative, innovative and sustainable action,” reads the organisation’s website.

David de Rothschild
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His Plastiki Project Was A Boat Made Out Of Plastic Bottles

Rothschild has gone on some cool adventures of his own as part of his work with this organisation. The “Plastiki Project” is one of them. He and his team built a fully functioning sailboat out of 12,500 plastic bottles for it.

He also spoke about his love for the environment and his activism in an interview with Esquire Middle East. “There’s always been something within nature which is worthy of the world’s attention. I think attempting to follow that sense of awe and wonder has led me to the curious exploration I still find myself doing today,” he said.

David de Rothschild
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David de Rothschild Mentions The Difficulties Of Bringing About Environmental Awareness

He also spoke about the challenge of communicating to people the importance of preserving nature. “How do we inspire action, not scare people into it? Because the idea of creating a narrative of fear is what drives people away,” he said.

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A quick Google search of David de Rothschild will tell you all that you need to know about his environmental efforts. However, the Rothschild family name is also a target for conspiracy theories. Many of these conspiracies tend to have anti-semitic connotations, due to their Jewish heritage.

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