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Darker than Black Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, And All Latest News

Darker than Black Season 3

Darker than Black is a Japanese fictional show produced and managed by Tensai Okamura and inspired by Bones. ‘Darker Than Black’ is not the sort of series that will have you caught on to it directly from the beginning. 

But with a bit of self-control, you will finally understand that its composition and casts are exceptional. And as the title implies, ‘Darker Than Black’ is deep and has a cloudy, intense color everywhere. 

There are some entertaining episodes, but I’m assured they are just for lightening the secret plan for a while as a confusion. I wouldn’t suggest it to someone different from the world of the fictional show because just an experienced anime watcher will ultimately get into the experience that this show is attempting to give. 

After watching seasons 1 and 2 of this series, fans are waiting for season 3 now. Here are all the details about season 3.

Darker than Black Season 3 Release Date

There is no precise release date for the Darker Than Black season announced yet. Nonetheless, gossips state that the series will be renewed for a fifteenth season in 2025, on its fifteenth ceremony.

Thus, the bottom edge is that we don’t have an official premiere date of season 3, but obsessive enthusiasts are engaging a request to get the 3rd season. If they win, it’s a leading circumstance for us. In that matter, we can assume it to be throughout the end of 2023, as anime needs time to create. 

Darker than Black Season 3 Cast

The cast of Darker Than Black season 3 is as follows:

Darker than Black Season 3 Trailer

There are no updates on the season 3 trailer yet. We will notify you when it will release.

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Darker than Black Season 3 Plot

Since it’s previously crystal obvious that producers have no plans to renew a season 3 of the show, all the plotlines you see on the internet are only little imagination results. 

Hence, the usual synopsis is when the builders received when doors of hell and heaven started to appear, creatures with extraordinary abilities. There is no truth in that. However, these talents came at their perfect post.

Hei is the central lead which is good and overly powdered identical. In hell, he is recognized as the black farmer. He is hell twisted on unlocking the mysteries behind Hell’s Gate, which could endanger the builders’ very survival. 

A dark battle starts to run, total with its own set of twists and surprises. There is additionally a love aspect among Hei and Yin. Hell’s Gate in Tokyo has suddenly failed, provoking research into the strange phenomenon. 

The series further displays Suou, who keeps her identity despite her bro’s change into a builder because of a meteor rainfall.


As you understand, it’s previously been more than a decade. Darker than Black is covered up and made for. No Japanese TV firm is seeing an English request to renew a show that they chose to end. But, hope prevails where there is light. Let’s keep fantasizing regarding the third season till then. 

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