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Team's Low Ranking On The Points Table. 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MS Dhoni
Source: BDCricTime
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CSK Skipper MS Dhoni Is Being Blamed For The Team’s Low Ranking On The Points Table. Click To Know Why

The ranking of Chennai Super Kings dropped to the eighth position in the IPL points table. And captain MS Dhoni is getting all the blames.

MS Dhoni Blamed For CSK’s Low Ranking

Chennai Super Kings has always been one of the best IPL teams. And has always portrayed great performances in the previous seasons. But this time things are a bit different as CSK is not seen in its previous form. Hence, the performance of the team is dropping.

MS Dhoni
Source: Times24 TV

So ,the team has got one of its lowest ranking in the history of Indian Premiere League. As its position on the points table dropped to number 8. And the team’s captain MS Dhoni is being blamed for that.

As according to many people it is Dhoni’s lack strategy in handling the team which has actually led to CSK’s downfall. And not only the fans but also some legendary cricket experts are also criticizing Dhoni for some really bad decisions he took during some of the IPL matches.


Although CSK won the very first match of IPL 2020 against Mumbai Indians, its performance started dropping drastically. As the team tasted defeat twice in their match against Delhi Capitals and Rajasthan Royals.

MS Dhoni
Source : republicworld.com

And recently when the points table showed CSK in the eighth position, the entire team as well as skipper Dhoni became the victim of social media trolls.

So the people started making fun of the team’s low ranking in the forms of memes and other kind of mockery contents. Twitter and Facebook was flooded with trolls.

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Moreover this really feels quite absurd because, this was the first time in the history of Indian Premiere League that CSK got trolled because of poor performance. Maybe it is high time the team should actually rectify on where it is going on.

And make a grand comeback in the upcoming matches.

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