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x3f, ebc, tmb, p, m, j, ypc, t, 6qf, Criminal Justice Reform Advocate Alice Johnson Refutes Accusations Of Being A "Pawn" for President Trump. - The Tech Education
Source: The Epoch Times.
Latest Political News

Criminal Justice Reform Advocate Alice Johnson Refutes Accusations Of Being A “Pawn” for President Trump.

Trumps Criminal Justice Reform Advocate, Alice Johnson, received backlash for speaking at the Republican National Convention. Johnson’s life sentence commuted by the president having served nearly 22 years for a nonviolent drug offence. Mr President issued her a full pardon just hours after her speech.

She said “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King, “I’m 65 years old, Gayle. And don’t no one tell me what to do. I got my mind. I do what I want to do,”. Since she got her pardon papers, she claims to keep them in her back pocket. She says she free to do whatever she wills.

Source: NY Times.

Here’s a video of her controversial speech.

Johnson said she was followed by various protestors who shouted “really awful things.” She says she’s always open to fruitful conversations, but screaming is not the ky. It only shows that the message did not send through.

As a black woman, Johnson has always supported the Black Lives Movement. Johnson allegedly hoped the message could be communicated in a way that “won’t be mixed up.” After almost two decades, she’s excited to express at the ballot box. The advocate refused to reveal for whom she will vote, for obvious reasons.

She assured the audience she will be voting her conscience, and she would suggest that everyone vote their conscience.


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