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The National Anthem Turns Into A Joke - The Tech Education
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‘Cowboys’ Owner Jones Hand Over His Heart During The National Anthem Turns Into A Joke

Earlier this week, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones opposed kneeling during the national anthem. He said; he wanted his players to make this a better place.

Jones A Gesture A Joke.

‘Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones.

Sure that none of his players knelt during the anthem, he watched the anthem closely. However, Dontari Poe did kneel during the national anthem. Moreover, Jones captains hand over his heart during the national anthem.

This poster of Jerry has been made into several jokes on Twitter. It is being compared to Palpatine, Hanson, Montgomery burns from “Scary Movie 2”.

It’s All Around Twitter.

Brandon Davis tweeted, “Jerry Jone’s hand, though.” Another Twitter handle wrote, Jerry looks more and more like the Palpatine emperor. Robert little BSO posted a picture of Jerry and wrote, “Looking at all my African Americans standing……”. Mark Ellis’s Twitter handle read, Jerry Jones realizing so-fi is the better stadium.

Josiah Johnson posted a picture on his Twitter handle of Leonardo DiCaprio. The image had one hand of Leonardo Over his heart with a witty expression. Johnson wrote, “when Jerry Jones saw Dontari Poe kneeling.” Another one hot aggressive and got down in abusing. The handle read, “FUCK JERRY JONES smirking. FUCK HIM. And btw WTF is wrong with his hand..”. Another Twitter handle compared Jerry Jones to Mr. Burns.

One Twitter handle taunting Jone’s gesture wrote, “Jerry Jones looking for who he gets to cut next week for kneeling.”

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