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Cops On A Lookout For A Sex Attacker In West London: The Suspect Has Already Assaulted Two Women

West London
Source: The Sun

Detectives are on a lookout for a sex attacker who is known to have already assaulted two women in West London parks.

On Saturday afternoon, the first woman, who is in her 20s, was walking alone in a park. The attacker grabs and then drags her to a secluded area of that park.

The police report says that he sexually assaulted her afterward. He also told the woman that he had a knife to prevent her from screaming at ‘The Gravel Pits‘ park.

The second woman was middle-aged, and she was also walking alone, but in ‘Duck Pond Park’. The attacker grabbed her today at around 8:15 a.m.

The attacker put his hand on her mouth and threatened to stab her in case she shouted.

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What Do The Detectives Say About The Attacker?

West London
Source: The Sun

The detectives working on the case feel that the sex assaults are linked to the same person. They are also appealing to the people to help find the attacker to prevent more assaults.

The West Area Command Unit’s Detective Sergeant Kevin Pandya is the head of the investigation. He says, “These two attacks took place in broad daylight, and we believe the same suspect is responsible for both incidents. ”

He reassures the community that the police officers are working extensively to try and recognize this man.

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