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Colby Ray Covington Blasts ‘Soft’ – ‘Take A Massive Pay Cut And Performs The Toughest Job’

Colby Ray Covington Blasts ‘Soft’ – ‘Take A Massive Pay Cut And Performs The Toughest Job’








Early Life of Covington

Colby Ray Covington is also known as Colby Covington was born on February 22, 1988, in Clovis, California. His father is Brad Covington and mother Noelle Covington. He also has two sisters, named Candace and Callie. Colby’s father was also a wrestler. They moved to Oregon when Colby was eight years old.

Career in Wrestling

Colby is an American mixed martial artist. In 2019, he secured the second position in the UFC welterweight rankings. In his high school in Oregon, he was a wrestler and even won 171 lb state Championship. He also won 165 lb national junior college wrestling Championship. Colby completed his graduation in Sociology in 2011.

In 2011, Covington was recruited by Dan Lambert, owner of American Top Team to train the wrestler and give a boost to the team.

After Covington won the UFC Welterweight championship, he mentioned that he wanted to visit Donald Trump in the White House.

Latest Update on Colby Covington

As per the source, the NBA games have been postponed due to a protest for the murder of a black man on Sunday. The man was shot in the back seven times by the cops of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The NBA star LeBron James corrected by saying that the NBA match has not just been postponed but it is boycotted. Following this Covington made a post on his Twitter handle.

Covington said “Oh wow, you postponed your games?! Wanna prove you’re really about change? Quit your multi million dollar jobs and soft privileged lives playing a kids game, take a massive pay cut and perform the toughest job in America. Become cops!!!!”

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This is not the first time that Covington is having an issue with the NBA star LeBron James. This has happened before also.



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