Coco 2 Release Date Status: Cancellation & Renewal Status in 2022!

What ‘Coco’ accomplished two years ago as the first Disney Pixar picture is nothing short of remarkable. 

Indeed, ‘Coco’ is the picture whose reign signaled the beginning of the end for DC’s huge team-up film, the fifth installment in the DCEU, ‘Justice League,’ back in November 2017, when ‘Coco’ surpassed ‘Justice League’ for the worldwide box office crown in the latter’s second week. 

It is rare for a new picture to eclipse an established film at the box office fully, particularly one that is not part of an established franchise. Still, it is precisely the power that Disney and Pixar have as franchises and box office powerhouses.

Coco‘ completed its illustrious box office run with about $800 million, the majority of which came from Mexico, and subsequently dominated awards season with BAFTAs, Golden Globes, and, most famously, two Oscars: the first for Best Animated Film, and the second for Best Original Song, ‘Remember Me.’ 

Now, typically, the enormous success of ‘Coco’ would justify a sequel, but Pixar, while being one of the largest film production organizations on the globe, moves slowly, which is also part of the reason for Pixar’s films being practically faultless technically.

Consequently, with Disney now controlling almost half of the entertainment business, there has been no news about a sequel to the popular picture. 

Pixar, meanwhile, has had its hands full with the simultaneous release of ‘Incredibles 2’, ‘Toy Story 4’, and now ‘Soul.’ 

Hence, it’s not difficult to understand why there haven’t been many words on a ‘Coco’ sequel, but then again, if film commerce has taught us anything, it’s that something as lucrative as ‘Coco’ is bound to have a sequel, sooner or later. 

As is customary here, we take a go at anticipating what the sequel could involve for us after the uplifting conclusion to the first. Continue reading.

Coco 2 Release Date

Given the lack of official confirmation on how or even if a sequel to ‘Coco’ will materialize, it’s difficult to predict a release date for the sequel, but a 2022 release, five years after the first, does appear feasible at the moment.

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Coco 2 Plot

As with virtually all animated films, the first film ended on a happy note, with Miguel returning to the land of the living, restoring Hector’s legacy, and reconciling him with his great-great-grandmother Imelda, before concluding the film with Miguel performing for all his relatives, living and dead, after the ban on family music was lifted. 

The film’s events occur during the renowned Mexican holiday Da de Muertos, and it is around this occasion the directors developed the film’s mood. 

“We started Coco with a simple idea: a love letter to Mexico, for all the beauty of its people, customs, and depth of love,” character designer Alonso Martinez said in an interview.

Mexico was kind enough to reciprocate, with a substantial amount of the film’s revenue coming from the nation and ‘Coco’ proving to be one of Disney’s greatest blockbusters in the country. 

Unnecessary to say if and when there is a sequel to ‘Coco,’ it must infallibly capture the film’s vibrant, colorful, and musical energy. 

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The film might explore other more Mexican legends, such as Cinco De Mayo or the Son Jarocho, but I doubt a future sequel will deviate from an established template that worked so well for the original film.

“If given the opportunity, I would jump at the chance. I’m hoping for a sequel, even if I’m not a part of it. I’d want to learn more about Miguel — what he’s doing and what he’s up to. 

I’m curious about his bond with his new baby sister,” said Anthony Gonzales, the 15-year-old rookie actor who voices Miguel in the film, and Gonzales’ words also hint at one possible route for the sequel.

The sequel might begin a few years after the first film’s events and could have Miguel’s baby sister on an explorative musical trip of her own, with Miguel relegated to the role of a mentor. 

However, this would need a substantial time jump in the region of five to six years, which is also the amount of time required to produce the second ‘Coco’ picture, counting from the first release date.

If the time change is not large, which is more likely, Miguel might continue as the protagonist, starting on a new voyage to the world of the dead to reconcile with his elder relatives. 

Needless to say, Gonzales is also optimistic about returning his part, even though Disney has not confirmed it officially, and regardless of the direction the sequel takes, the bond between Miguel and his sister, matured or not, should be quite heartwarming to see.

Regrettably, no more story information is available at the moment since the film has not yet been confirmed. 

There have been ideas on the internet, with one particularly famous IMDb thread gaining popularity for its rather saucy details (or predictions) about the plot of a potential sequel, claiming that ‘Coco 2’ will pick up six years after the events of the first, with Miguel’s ancestors pleading for his assistance in returning to the land of the living to seek refuge from an authoritarian, masked skeletal figure who despises music, just as D is about to Once again, music must win overall odds in these very interesting, pulpy musings regarding the sequel. Still, I must tell you again, none of it is, as of now, official.

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