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CNBC Host On Trump’s Path, Addresses Nancy Pelosi As “Crazy Nancy”

CNBC host Jim Cramer called the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as “Crazy Nancy” on her face during an interview on Tuesday. It seems that Cramer is following Trump’s path as the president mocks Pelosi as “Crazy Nancy” often on twitter.

Trump and Pelosi have not been on talking terms for almost eleven months now. Pelosi had walked out of an Oval Office meeting last October, where Trump termed her as a “third-grade politician.”

Jim insulted Nancy Pelosi by addressing her as “Crazy Nancy.”


“You Know What I Mean”- Jim

The “Mad Money” host was interviewing Pelosi on stalled negotiations on the fourth coronavirus stimulus package. In between the interview, the host insulted Pelosi on her face.

Jim was in the middle of a question when he said, “Crazy, Nancy.” However, he immediately apologized and continued saying, “that was the president.”

To get hold of the situation, he sated; he has immense respect for the office and would never use the term.

Pelosi looked unhappy but was calm. She countered Jim saying he still used the term, ‘crazy Nancy’ despite denying it’s usage. Jim tried to turn the mortifying moment into a joke by saying, “Oh come on, you know what I mean.”

Reaction To The Incident

Whether a supporter or not, the incident is being marked as a shameful act in regard to respect towards a woman.

Suzanne Cryer, the American actress, demanded that Jim Cramer should be fired through her tweet.

She mentioned; if the host of the show doesn’t show respect to a woman, who is the speaker of the house, it means CNBC has no respect for the women in the country. She further stated that Pelosi deserves Jim’s respect; women deserve respect.

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Tony Schwartz linked the incident to Trump and blamed him for “decimating civility and dragging all of us down.”

On the other hand, columnist Tim O’Brien through his comment, asked Jim Carmer to “stay classy.”

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